Jan. 6 Panel members defend Star Witness, and say Americans should “stay tuned”

Jan. 6 Panel members defend Star Witness, and say Americans should “stay tuned”

The House Jan.6 committee supported the credibility of star witness Cassidy Hutchinson and raised the bar after an explosive week of testimony. They stated that criminal referrals against ex-President Donald Trump were a possibility.

Rep. Liz Cheney (one of the two Republicans who made up the panel) said that the panel had “significant evidence” about the issues. This includes Mr. Trump’s frustration at being denied entry to the U.S. Capitol, after he rallied alongside supporters at White House Ellipse Jan. 6. 2021.

Secret Service officials said that they were ready to refute a report Ms. Hutchinson, an aide of former White House chief staff Mark Meadows heard of Mr. Trump lunging at agents because they wouldn’t drive him to Capitol before the vote to certify the victory of President Biden in the Electoral College.

Ms. Cheney of Wyoming said that “the committee will not stand by and see [Ms. Cassidy]’s] character being assassinated anonymously .”

The other GOP member, Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, said that no one had questioned the main thrust of Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony. He also denied allegations Mr. Trump might have known some of his supporters were armed.

“Nobody argues that the president did not want to visit the Capitol. No one has ever argued that the president didn’t know guns existed,” Mr. Kinzinger said to CNN’s “State of the Union.” Cassidy Hutchinson also testified under oath. Her .”

credibility is what we consider credible.

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He stated that Americans need to be “way more informed” at future hearings, and asked for information from people every day.

Ms. Cheney stated that Mr. Trump could have multiple criminal referrals, but that the Department of Justice doesn’t need to wait for legislators to decide on charges.

” Ultimately, the Justice Department will make that decision. That is something I believe we as a committee may have an opinion on,” Cheney said to ABC’s This Week. “What man can know that a mob has armed itself and sent the mob attack the Capitol? And further incites them when his vice president is at risk?” It’s very chilling when the Congress is under threat It is very chilling .”

Trump and his allies decry the Jan.6 hearings as an unbalanced witch hunt by Democrats and GOP critics to destroy his political future.

The ex-president is said to be considering launching a 2024 presidential campaign this summer. Although it could cause a significant ripple in the plan, Mr. Trump would be able to portray the investigation as an attempt to stop him returning to the White House by claiming that the investigation was politically motivated.

Legal experts have stated that the DOJ will face high hurdles in trying to prosecute former President.

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Rep. Adam Schiff (California Democrat) said that refusing to bring Mr. Trump in court because of his status would indicate that certain figures are beyond the law.

“Donald Trump has demonstrated that if he isn’t held responsible, he continues to commit worse and more serious abuses of power,” said Mr. Schiff on CBS’ Face the Nation .”

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Sunday, Ms. Cheney stated that the purpose of the hearings on Jan. 6 was to discover the facts and not to scuttle Donald Trump’s political fortunes.

“He cannot be the nominee for the party and that I believe the party wouldn’t survive it,” said Ms. Cheney.

She declined to comment on whether or not she intends to run for the GOP nomination. Instead, she said she was focusing her attention on the Jan.6 committee and the tough fight for reelection in Wyoming.

“I’ll make a decision about ’24 down the road,” she said.

Panel members visited the Sunday talk show shows five days following Ms. Hutchinson’s account of the White House events on January. 6.

Ms. Hutchinson 26, was able to see the White House’s reactions to the Capitol attack from the front row and gave testimony that portrayed Mr. Trump as a poor person. According to her, Trump knew that the White House Ellipse gathered before the march on Capitol Hill had been organized with weapons.

She claimed that Tony Ornato, a Secret Service agent relayed to her the story of Mr. Trump’s actions in an SUV.

Secret Service representatives have indicated that Mr. Ornato, and other agents, are prepared to deny this account. This has sparked a debate about who is trustworthy.

Mr. Kinzinger wasn’t specific about the evidence, but said that Ms. Hutchinson had not been in the car and was simply relaying an account she heard. According to him, other witnesses also heard the same story regarding Mr. Trump’s actions on that day.

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Looking ahead, Mr. Schiff stated that the panel would like to hear from Pat Cipollone, former White House counsel. Ms. Hutchinson had detailed Mr. Cipollone’s concern about whether the White House faces criminal charges for the Jan. 6th riot.

“He has clear information regarding concerns about criminal violations and concerns about President Trump going to Capitol on that day. He also expressed concerns that the Chief of Staff might have blood on his hands, if the Capitol was attacked violently,” Mr. Schiff stated. It is hard to imagine anyone more in the middle of the action, and I believe he will display the same courage that Cassidy Hutchinson displayed .”


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