Lawmakers hold Trump ‘responsible’ for Jan. 6

WASHINGTON – Latest information from the House Committee investigating the Capitol riot hearing (all times local).

10: 35 p.m.

Members of the House Committee investigating the Capitol Riot are unambiguously claiming that Donald Trump is responsible for the violence. They also claim lawmakers will suggest ways to stop another January. 6.

As the prime-time hearing concluded Thursday, Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria from Virginia stated that President Trump “did not then or does not have the courage to tell the American people the truths that his people already know.” He was responsible for the attack at the Capitol Jan. 6 .”

A fellow member of the committee Adam Kinzinger from Illinois said that, “whatever you believe about the outcome, we Americans have to all come together in this.” Donald Trump’s behavior on January 6th was an abominable violation of his office oath and a total dereliction in his duty to the nation. This is an affront to our history .”

Vice-chair Liz Cheney from Wyoming, who is a Republican, stated that Trump made a deliberate choice to breach his oath, to disregard the violence directed at law enforcement and threaten our Constitution .”

Kinzinger stated that it was important for the committee to recommend methods of preventing a Jan. 6 future, because “the forces which Donald Trump ignited are not going away.”



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10: 35 p.m.

The House Committee investigating the Capitol Riot has revealed never-before seen outtakes of a speech that Donald Trump gave on January 7, 2021,, in which he said the election was over to Joe Biden.

But Trump can be seen bristling at the line in the video – that the 2020 election had been decided.

In a room with his supporters, Trump is heard saying “I don’t want to tell you the election is over .”

The clips left on the floor showed a president who refused to accept defeat, even after supporters stormed Capitol trying to stop him from winning the election.

Trump tries to remove several lines from the script that he believes is too long.

Trump appears to be angry in the outtakes. Trump hits the podium with his right hand as he goes through the prepared remarks. Ivanka Trump, along with others, are chiming in to offer suggestions.


10: 20 p.m.

The Jan. 6 Committee has shown a chaotic, turbulent Trump White House during the days and hours following the Capitol Riot. As a result of the attack, Cabinet members and aides to President Trump were forced to resign.

Matt Pottinger, the deputy national security advisor, testified that he had told Robert O’Brien (national security director) that he would be resigning on January 6, 2021, and that he agreed to remain on-site until O’Brien returned to Washington. Pottinger said that he left the White House the next day, Jan. 7.

Pottinger stated that he did not want to leave his chair empty, so he continued to work through the night to be able to transfer his national security duties to another employee the following day.

Pottinger stated that he worried about foreign enemies using the chaos to their advantage in order to undermine the U.S .


” I think it encouraged our enemies by giving ammunition to the narrative our system of government isn’t working,” he stated.


10: 05 p.m.

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The Jan. 6th committee showed part of the video statement that Donald Trump was to make from the White House Rose Garden during riots at the Capitol. He was heard to say in the video script: “I ask you to leave Capitol Hill now and return home peacefully .”

But the president did not actually state that. He instead repeated false claims about voter fraud, without condemning Washington’s violence.

Trump said: “So go home. We love you. We love you .”

Also: “I feel what you feel .”

The committee showed the video in detail to show how the president departed from the instructions.

Sarah Matthews was a deputy press secretary and told the committee that she was relieved Trump told his followers to return home, but also shocked that Trump had repeatedly repeated the lie that the election was stolen.

She stated that Matthews refused to call the mob and condemn violence that day, and that he did not act.


9: 40 p.m.

A Jan. 6 committee displayed text messages between Donald Trump Jr., and Mark Meadows (the White House chief staffer as the Capitol riot took place), to demonstrate that there was pressure for the president to take immediate action to stop the violence perpetrated by his supporters.

Donald Trump’s son pleaded with Meadows for him to take action to preserve his legacy.

The younger Trump said to Meadows that getting President Trump to condemn violence was something that needed to be done “go to bed on.” Trump Jr. explained to Meadows in videotaped testimony, that he was making a reference in his own film “The Godfather”, and that it meant to go “all in” with something.

An ex-aide to the White House Press Secretary Sarah Matthews gave testimony about Trump’s process for peacefully ordering the mob. “There was some back-and-forth, and he used different phrases that were familiar with .”

,” she said.

Matthews stated that it was Ivanka Trump’s suggestion to add the phrase “stay calm” to the statement, which finally got her father to make a statement.


9: 20 p.m.

“He set a goal on his vice-president’s back .”

That’s Elaine Luria, Jan. 6 Committee member, to say about Donald Trump’s tweet during Capitol Riot when he called Vice President Mike Pence “cowardly” for his decision to continue presidency over the congressional certification of Joe Biden’s election win.

Trump sent that tweet rather than tweeting his supporters to tell them to return home. This was despite the fact that the Capitol had been broken into.

” “A horrible tweet,” said Pat Cipollone, former White House Counsel.

At Thursday’s prime-time hearing, members of the committee heard Secret Service radio traffic from agents working tirelessly to ensure that Vice President Mike Pence was safe inside the Capitol. One agent was heard saying, “There’s six officers between us and the people who are 5 to 10 feet away from us.”

The chat logs kept by the White House National Security Staff included an indication that a Secret Service agent in the Capitol “didn’t sound good at the moment.”

According to a White House security officer, Pence’s security team was scared when rioters attacked the Capitol. The official said that there were several calls for family members to be buried.


9 p.m.

Ex-White House Counsel Pat Cipollone said he supported an “immediate, forceful” response by Donald Trump to the mob outside of the Capitol Jan. 6 2021,. He had also pushed for strong statements to be made.

The Capitol Riot investigation committee filmed parts of an interview with Cipollone at a Thursday prime-time hearing.

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Cipollone stated during the interview, “I can generally say that I told people that there should be a public announcement fast that people must leave Capitol .”

He stated that it was possible for Trump, from White House Press Briefing Room to make a statement. But Trump did not do this.

Sarah Matthews, an ex-aide to Trump’s press office, testified that Trump could get in “less than 60 second” to the briefing area. There is always a camera on.

She stated that “he could’ve been on camera almost immediately .”


8: 45 p.m.

What did Donald Trump do in the White House when a mob rioters broke into the Capitol Jan. 6 2021?

According to the House investigation committee, Trump spent more than two hours in front of a Fox News-tuned television in his White House dining room.

Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria from Virginia claims there’s no record that Trump placed or received a phone call during the entire afternoon. There are also no photographs of Trump until after he appeared in the Rose Garden at 4 p.m .

Luria claims that the committee, despite not having an official record of Trump’s actions that day, has been able to learn what Trump did.

The committee showed snippets from a taped interview with an ex-White House national security officer. The staffer spoke in a hushed voice to hide his identity. He said that White House officials had been “in shock” at what happened on January 17th. 6.

Luria claims Trump did not phone to give orders. He didn’t call to offer his assistance.


8: 35 p.m.

A member of Jan. 6’s committee said Donald Trump received advice from almost all those around him the day of the 2021 Riot to order the mob to leave the Capitol.

“But, the former president decided not to do whatever all those people begged,” said Elaine Luria (Democratic Representative from Virginia). She then showed a Trump video that he had recorded and reminded insurrectionists at a prime-time hearing.

Luria claims that Trump saw the attack in television from the White House Dining Room, even though staff members around him urged him to do so.

She claims that President Trump did not consent to this because of his selfish desire for power .”


8: 25 p.m.

The vice-chair of the Jan.6 committee stated that “doors have open, new subpoenas were issued and the dam is beginning to break” due to the ongoing investigation by the panel and its success in overcoming reluctances from witnesses.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming stated at the prime-time hearing, that Donald Trump was trying to stop or delay the congressional approval of Joe Biden’s victory election. He also claimed that Trump tried to intimidate his vice-president, officials in state elections, and the Justice Department.

Cheney claims that the only thing succeeding on January 6, 2021, was the “angry, armed mob” that President Trump sent to Washington. The mob that attacked the Capitol was destructive and violent, with many of them armed .”

She claims that Trump refused to respond to Republican legislators’ pleas to stop violence and that he never called the police or the military to ask for help.

Cheney claims “he refused to take the steps that every American president should .”


8: 10 p.m.

The chairman of the House investigation into the Capitol Riot has opened Thursday’s prime-time hearing. He stated that congressional investigators had told the story over several weeks in public sessions to a president, Donald Trump, who did all he could in order to remain in power.

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson from Mississippi said of Trump: “He was lying, he bullied and he betrayed his oath

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The committee will be closely reviewing Trump’s behavior on January 6, 2021, a day marked by violence in Washington. This hearing will focus on Trump’s failure to respond to the attacks during the Capitol insurrection.

Thompson claims that Trump, despite all the violence and chaos that occurred that day, “couldn’t be moved.”

The congressman said that the committee is still hearing from witnesses. He plans to convene again in September so the public can continue to see the story.

Thompson is isolating after testing positive for COVID-19 and is attending the hearing by video.


8 p.m.

The Jan. 6th committee opened its second prime time hearing on Capitol Attack and has pledged close scrutiny to then-President Donald Trump’s actions Jan. 6. 2021, a day marked by violence in Washington.

An estimated 20million people viewed the first session of the House committee in June. This began a series televised sessions.

Thursday’s hearing will focus on the more than three hours of the Capitol insurrection when Trump did not act to end the violence. This committee will provide a detailed account of Trump’s actions in the insurrection.

One member of the committee said Trump watched the White House riot on television “gleefully”.


3: 40 p.m.

On Thursday night, the Jan.6 committee will return to prime-time with a hearing that will focus on the three hours of insurrection at Capitol during which then-President Donald Trump did not act to end the violence.

The lies of the defeated president about the stolen election drove his supporters towards the Capitol Jan. 6 2021,. Despite repeated pleas by his family members, aides and allies, Trump refused to restrain the mob.

What was Trump doing in the White House during these 187 moments of inaction?

One member of the committee says Trump watched the White House riot on TV “gleefully”.

Three hours and 7 minutes after the assault began, Trump released a video that day at 4: 17 p.m., recorded in the Rose Garden, in which he praised the rioters as “very special,” but asked them to disperse.

The hearing may be the last one for the committee after six public sessions in the previous weeks.

Two former White House staffers are giving live testimony. These were Sarah Matthews (a press aide) and Matt Pottinger (deputy national security advisor). After seeing what happened that day, both submitted their resignations Jan. 6 2021,.

Expect to see unreleased outtakes from a Jan. 7, 2017 video where White House staffers pleaded with Trump for a message for national healing. This footage shows Trump’s struggle to condemn Hos supporters for violently breaking into the Capitol.

The hearing’s leader will be Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria, an ex-Naval officer and Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois resident who flew combat missions to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The committee chairman, Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, is isolating after testing positive for COVID-19 and plans to attend the hearing by video.

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