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ELMAU Germany (AP). The latest on the G-7 summit is taking place in Germany’s Bavarian Alps. Also, information on the NATO summit at Madrid where the leaders will begin to gather later Tuesday.


The Group of Seven industrialized economies have concluded a summit to show a commitment long-term to Ukraine’s success, even as Russia continues to wage war.

The talks in Germany are coming to an end Tuesday. They want Russia to pay a heavy price for their invasion. It is also hoped that the talks will help to end the global hunger crisis as well as unite against climate change.

The heads of France, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Japan, and the U.K. pledged support to Ukraine Monday “for as long .”

it takes”.

Later Tuesday’s attention turns to Spain where there is a NATO summit that will last two days in Madrid.

Leaders of the most powerful military alliance in the world are open to discussions on Wednesday about increasing support for Ukraine against Russia’s aggression and strengthening forces at NATO’s eastern flank.

They also plan to establish priorities for the next decade with a renewed focus on China’s international ambitions.



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