BREAKING NEWS: Trump’s Nominee in Massachusetts’ Gubernatorial Election

According To Decision DeskHQ, Tuesday night was the final day for midterms in the race to fill Republican Charlie Baker’s vacancy as governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Associated Press :

BOSTON, (AP) — Geoff Diehl has been elected Massachusetts’ Republican nominee for governor. He defeated Chris Doughty who was seen as more moderate.

Diehl’s victory sets up a contest against Democratic Attorney General Maura Shealey. If she wins, Healey would become the first openly homosexual person to be elected governor and first female woman to do so. Republican Charlie Baker (current governor of the state) decided not to seek a third term.

Diehl is the favourite among Massachusetts Republican Party delegate. However, ties with Trump extend back to 2016,, when he was co-chair of Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump won Massachusetts by nearly 30 percentage point in both of his presidential campaigns. Diehl has also opposed COVID-19 protocols and hailed the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

In an older version of this piece, which was prior to the final tally and before the final tally the AP reported the Democrat candidate opposing Diehl in November had already been known. State Attorney General Maura Shealey won essentially unopposed.

Democrats have a simpler decision. After the withdrawal of one Democrat from the race, Attorney General Maura Shealey is now facing no opposition. If she wins she will be the first female and openly homosexual candidate for governor.

This is breaking news. RedState will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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