Democrat Judge Team up with Leftwing Nutters in Booting a Republican County Official from Office as an Insurrectionist’

A New Mexico judge permanently expelled Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin, who was convicted of entering the Capitol grounds but not the building on January 6th. The judge ruled that this violation was part of an insurrection as defined by the 14th Amendment, and as such, Mr. Griffin was ordered to be immediately removed from office. The judge, a Democrat apparatchik and Griffin are both Trump supporters and Republicans.

This is bullsh.

Griffin was an object of the left’s sex toys since a while. They attempted to recall him after the horsecrap “insurrection”, but couldn’t.

Cowboys For Trump founder Couy Griffin won against attempts to recall him as a southern New Mexico county commissioner.

— ABC News (@ABC) September 29, 2021

The feds demanded a 3-month sentence for walking outside the Capitol; the judge gave him 14-days. Did I call the shots? I would have impeached the judge because he was stupid and a patsy of the left. But I am not.

Feds demand 3-months in jail for New Mexico County Commissioner Couy Griffin

“Due to Griffin’s status as an elected official & his flagrant disrespect for law enforcement.. Griffin’s conduct presents a very real need for specific deterrence in the form of incarceration”

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) June 13, 2022

Griffin was forced from office by an AstroTurf organization and a compliant, and even complicit state judge.

A state judge cannot declare that a nation insurrection exists, even though it was nearly two years since the declaration by the federal government. The fact that no federal troops were present on January 6 is a sign that there was not a state insurrection. The January 6th political prisoner is not charged with inciting or contributing to an insurrection. It is highly unlikely that any state judge would declare insurrections in New Mexico or Washington DC. Only the executive can decide whether civil authority is no longer functioning and whether there’s a state insurrection. No judge has this power anywhere else. An executive can not disqualify someone from running for federal office. This is impossible. The “insurrection” strategy at federal level would not work if the Supreme Court held that there was a covert rebellion on January 6, which the federal government failed to notice. IANAL is not an authority on New Mexico law but this ruling suggests that it is a common ruling in a Democrat state, where law is used to punish criminals.

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This whole situation is laughable. Griffin was removed from office by neither the state attorney general nor anyone else in government. A few rando-progressives were instead recruited in the continuing RICO violation by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. It is clear that the court case was heard. Griffin chose to defend himself and ignore the danger, which suggests that Griffin is not the sharpest knife in his drawer.

The longer this January 6 inanity drags on, the more convinced I am that the next Republican President must make it his top priority to chase from public employment any person who is involved with this insurrection hoax. Every low-ranking FBI agent and federal marshal who served January 6 warrants, as well as every DOJ employee involved in January 6 prosecutions must be fired. GOP governors must be equally determined in going after state officials that keep this garbage alive…Brian Kemp! We will continue to be victims of this type of lawfare unless we can prove that we won’t tolerate it. It is essential to destroy the experience for everyone involved, regardless of how minor.

I hope that Griffin will be appealed to by a public interest group, but I’m afraid we are stuck with the decision.

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