Secret Service accused of deleting January 6 emails despite orders to retain them

The Secret Service is accused of deleting an undetermined number of text messages covering the period of January 5-6, 2021, after the Homeland Security Inspector General ordered the agency to preserve all texts, at least that’s what happened according to the far left site The Intercept.

THE SECRET SERVICE erased text messages from January 5 and January 6, 2021, according to a letter given to the January 6 committee and reviewed by The Intercept. Originaly, the Department of Homeland Security Office of inspector General sent the letter to both the House and Senate homeland safety committees. Although the Secret Service claims that text messages were deleted due to a device-replacement programme, the letter states that the deletion occurred shortly after officials from oversight requested electronic communications.

However, the Office of Inspector General letter indicates that key evidence, in the form of electronic communications from the Secret Service, may not see the light of the day. The Department of Homeland Security — the Secret Service’s parent agency — is subject to oversight from the DHS Office of Inspector General, which had requested records of electronic communications from the Secret Service between January 5 and January 6, 2021, before being informed that they had been erased. The letter does not indicate whether all messages were erased or only some. The records request from the oversight office was also denied by department officials. They claimed that records should first be reviewed by DHS lawyers. This has delayed the process, and made it unclear whether Secret Service records will ever be released.

This is how the New York Times frames the story, building on The Intercept’s “scoop.”

A letter obtained by The New York Times reveals that the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security (the parent agency of Secret Service) reported that text from many agents was erased in a program to replace their devices. This happened even though the inspector general requested the texts as part of his investigation into Jan’s events. 6.

In a statement, the Secret Service disputed parts of the inspector general’s findings, saying that it “lost” data on “some phones” as part of a preplanned three-month “system migration” in January 2021, but maintaining that no texts pertinent to the inquiry “had been lost in the migration.”

Why is this happening and what should we do? This is the question you must ask whenever something like this happens out of left field.

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In June, ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified to President Trump’s fight with a Secret Service agent over control of his presidential limousine. (January 6, ‘Emergency Hearing Delivers Laughably Absurd “Bombshells”) and also threw food at the wall. Hutchinson’s perjurious testimony was quickly discredited by Secret Service agents. A diagram of the limousine showing how the driver’s compartment is not accessible from the passenger compartment also proved this (J6 Committee just kneecapped themselves over evidence in Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony). Stories have suggested that Hutchinson may be speaking what was instructed to her because she did not have the resources necessary to defend herself. (Explosive emails help to further cast doubt on Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony).

There are some huge holes in the stories posted by The Intercept and the New York Times. Why is it only coming to light now, 18 months after the event, that there are missing text messages? The Homeland Security IG didn’t throw a flag as soon as they discovered the discrepancy, instead of waiting for their report to be completed. Did the President Trump’s protective detail miss the messages? Have the phones from the Secret Service been given the Mueller team treatment? What date and time did the IG command that the phones be kept?

If there aren’t any text messages, Democrats could spin a story of conspiracy to protect Donald Trump by the Secret Service. It does many things. The testimony of Hutchinson’s agents is questionable if there is a conspiracy. It is a significant step towards rehabilitating Hutchinson as a witness. Leftist media seems to also have targeted Anthony Ornato (Secret Service assistant director for training for devastation). Ornato was a Secret Service agent whom President Trump elevated to deputy White House chief of staff. Ornato’s Secret Service connections and his White House role make it plausible that Ornato was involved in events such as January 6, and “missing” texts messages.

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At the moment, there are three events unconnected that Democrats and media want to link: January 6 replacement phones for Secret Service and Hutchinson’s testimony. Although they have not connected them directly, it is encouraged that you do so.

Personally, I do not believe any Secret Service employees would break an order of the IG to preserve evidence. This is despite how loyal they may be to Donald Trump. They were aware that Trump was going to be leaving office, and they knew by January 7 that there was a storm brewing. It is hard to imagine that the Secret Service management would allow the destruction of any evidence of wrongdoing. The truth is that this, as with all other items produced by the Jan 6 committee, does not address the problem. The issue is creating the perception of criminality needed to keep President Trump from running in 2024 and using the “attack on democracy” as a theme in 2022.

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