An Amphibious Bus Has Collided With 24 Sussex’s Gates

No injuries were reported following the crash of an amphibious bus into the doors at 24 Sussex Drive. This is the prime minister’s unoccupied official residence.

Etienne Cam, co-owner at Lady Dive Tours, Ottawa said that the company was investigating the accident involving one its vehicles. He also stated that the driver of the vehicle, which he didn’t immediately identify as the sole person aboard, is being investigated by the company.

Photos posted on social media today show that a red “Amphibus”, whose name is in English, appears to have crashed onto the sidewalk from the eastbound end of Sussex Drive and into the metal gates at the home.

Later that morning, a tow truck pulled the bus further down the street near the French Embassy. Although the damage to the bus was minimal, there were large sections of fence that had been removed completely and stones and rubble scattered across the street.

Police tape had been erected around the area and personnel from the National Capital Commission were present. This Crown corporation is responsible for conserving the capital.

The bus driver left without talking to journalists. Leon Harris, Lady Dive Tours’ operations manager, stated that it was still not known how the accident occurred.

“Something occurred and the bus lost its control,” he stated.

He stated that the bus would be towable to a garage for inspection and then taken off the road.

Cameron stated that the accident occurred during routine morning checks, during which the driver spins the bus before tourists board.

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Ottawa Police said that they were called about a motor vehicle collision with a commercial vehicle around 9: 21 AM. They confirmed that there have been no injuries.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not currently residing at the residence due to extensive repairs. While he is currently vacationing in Costa Rica, he lives at Rideau Cottage on Rideau Hall’s grounds.

By Laura Osman


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