Breaking the Spell: A Film Review of ‘Uncle Tom II’


“Uncle Tom II”, the new film from Executive Producer Larry Elder, and Director Justin Malone opens with a shot showing Chad Jackson (proprietor Chad O. Jackson Plumbing), preparing a plumbing area with an excavator. This scene is beautifully shot and shows a young man who works hard to build some other task.

His focus is on the act of constructive labor. As Jackson, a black man, makes it clear, Jackson’s plumbing business has helped him to feel secure as a successful businessman and a dignified citizen in the United States. The film’s progression reveals that Jackson’s life and work is a clear refutation to the notion of black Americans being “victims of systemic racism “.

The first film “Uncle Tom”, released nearly exactly two years ago was also an attempt to discredit the narrative of black victimhood. Original film featured characters of prominent black women and men who believed they could succeed and that they not were condemned to be victims. They believed that they could prosper and were not condemned to victimhood. Their actions led them to material success as well as a strong self-esteem. “Uncle Tom II,” which continues the story of “Uncle Tom”, examines the historical and intellectual origins of “systemic racism”. Chad Jackson’s haunting and memorable opening lines, “My Hope is That This [film] Will Help to Break the Spell–The spell that so Many People are Under, that keeps them mad, makes them bitter, blinds them from truth

As Jackson and Malone revealed, the “spell’ was largely based on Marxist ideology indoctrination.

Students of 20th-century history are familiar with how Marxist doctrine has poisoned every society in which it has been propagated, defining men and women not as individuals but as members of groups pitted against each other in a power struggle to the death. Every Marxist dictatorship that ever came to power has committed mass murder and suspended basic human rights. While it is one thing to be able to read the terrible history, it is quite another to witness film footage showing men and women being shot in the face at the edges of mass graves for their identification by a Marxist regime. Malone appears to have spent a lot of his last two years in film archive archives. It’s hard not to be horrified by much of what Malone excavated.

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A particularly powerful moment is a well-known 1983 interview by Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector. In it, he describes how a society can be “demoralized” before being overthrown using Marxist-Leninist ideology indoctrination. Infiltrating the target society’s education system to brainwash its youth is how this is done. This leaves a generation incapable of making any rational decisions about their families, towns, or country.

Many viewers will be shocked to discover that Bezmenov’s explanation of Marxist-Leninist activism is revealing the anatomy of both the Black Power movement of the 1960s and Black Lives Matter today.

Malone shows how these key organizers have been doing their job of sowing hatred, anger, despair and division. The two most prominent are the white progressive activists who created Black Power and Black Lives Matter according to Marxist-Leninist principles. They remind me of Mephistopheles, the “Spirit That Always Negates” as Goethe famously introduced him in Faust (another Marx favorite play). These men’s actions, along with many others, are indeed a powerful spell.

“Uncle Tom II is an ambitious documentary which tries to cover a lot of intellectual and historical ground in just two hours. It will undoubtedly generate much debate and vitriolic backlash, but it is dramatic enough to “break the spell”, at least for those who are open-minded.

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John Leake was a student of philosophy and history at Boston University with Sir Roger Scruton. His latest book, co-authored with Peter A. McCullough, M.D., is “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”

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