As Rampant Crime Continues in Chicago, the Bears Have Found a New Home in Arlington Heights

The Chicago Bears, one of the most historic NFL franchises, has moved from Soldier Field. For over 50 years, the Bears played at Soldier Field; but that will change when the NFL season begins. The Bears were bribed to stay in Downtown Chicago but did not take up the offer to remain in the crime-ridden city.

In the fall, Bears ownership – Virginia Halas McCaskey, Andrew McKenna Sr., and Patrick Ryan – reached an agreement on a 326-acre site in Arlington Heights. The new stadium will be located in Arlington Park. It is a much safer area in the Chicago suburbs.

When the team submitted a bid to buy the land, Bears President Ted Phillips said:

“We recently submitted a bid to purchase Arlington International Racecourse property. It’s our obligation to explore every possible option to ensure we’re doing what’s best for our organization and its future. If selected, this step allows us to further evaluate the property and its potential.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot proposed adding a dome to the stadium. The seating capacity would increase from 61,500 to 70,000, and the estimated cost would range from $900 million to $2.2 billion. Before the purchase of the new land, Lightfoot told the Chicago Sun-Times:

“We need to invest in Soldier Field … Soldier Field must be a year-round destination. We must enhance the fan experience. And that’s precisely what we aim to do. We are making a compelling case for the Bears to stay in Chicago. They want a Tier One stadium to maximize revenues and we agree.”

It’s too little, too late as crime remains rampant in Chicago. Every single weekend there are shootings that take place in the city, so the Bears moving out of Downtown Chicago should not surprise anyone who has been paying attention.

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The Bears released a statement, saying:

“The only potential project the Chicago Bears are exploring for a new stadium development is Arlington Park … As part of our mutual agreement with the seller of the property, we are not pursuing alternative stadium deals or sites, including renovations to Soldier Field, while under contract.”

Chicago District Attorney Kim Foxx is part of the reason for the crime wave in Chicago, although this has been a significant problem in the city for years. As RedState’s Bob Hoge reported, veteran prosecutor Jim Murphy resigned from the Cook County State Attorney’s office and called out Foxx in his resignation letter, stating:

“I cannot continue to work for an Administration I no longer respect.”

“I would love to continue to fight for the victims of crime and to continue to stand with each of you, especially in the face of the overwhelming crime that is crippling our communities.”

“I wish I could stay. However, I can no longer work for this Administration. I have zero confidence in leadership.”

Thousands of Chicago residents feel the same way, and the Chicago Bears put their foot down and moved out of Soldier Field because they are fed up with the Mayor and DAs inaction regarding crime.

.@ClayTravis joined ‘Fox & Friends,’ slamming Mayor Lori Lightfoot as crime in Chicago leads the Chicago Bears to move stadiums.

— OutKick (@Outkick) July 29, 2022

The Bears open up Week 1 of the NFL season at home against the San Francisco 49ers.

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