Rep. Tim Ryan Uses COVID Proxy to Vote Rule

Ohio U.S. Senate Candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D–OH) did not vote in person in the House of Representatives Wednesday due to an ongoing health emergency, but he attended campaign events in Ohio that day.

Ryan stated in Tuesday’s letter to the Clerk that he was “unable to physically participate in proceedings in the House Chamber because of an ongoing public health crisis”. allowed Rep. Don Beyer, D-VA to vote in his place.

And on Wednesday, Beyer voted for Ryan twice, for Roll Call vote 303 and Roll Call vote 304, while he claimed to be “unable” to attend “due to the ongoing public health emergency.”

However, Ryan tweeted pictures from multiple events on Wednesday, the same day Beyer proxy voted for him:

At 10: 58 a.m. ET He tweeted an image of him meeting his constituents in a Portage County coffee shop.

Good morning from Portage County!

Thanks for to everyone who joined us at @treecitycoffee for a cup of coffee and a conversation about the stakes in this election.

— Tim Ryan (@TimRyan) July 13, 2022

At 2: 03 p.m. ET He posted a video on the campaign trail, presumably to discuss the inflation numbers hours after the fact.

Wednesday morning’s June CPI figures showed a 9.1 percent annual rate, higher than analysts expected at 8.8 percent. Americans are being hit hard by rising costs of basic necessities such as food, fuel, utilities, and housing.

Working. Class. Tax. Cut. Now.

— Tim Ryan (@TimRyan) July 13, 2022

At 3: 09 p.m. ET He referred to a solar company, and thanked them all for the tour.

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The sun’s shining on @toledo_solar because they’re going all in creating clean energy jobs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our company. We need it more in Ohio.

— Tim Ryan (@TimRyan) July 13, 2022

And at 7: 18 p.m. ET He tweeted an image of what appeared to be a rally. He said, “We must bring back the value respect.” Also, he stated that the PRO Act should be passed. Breitbart News has previously covered the negative consequences of the Pro Act:

In the event that workers vote not to join a union, the PRO Act allows the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to set aside the results if an employer is found to have interfered in any way. If “the majority of employees in the bargaining units have signed authorizations designating that labor organization their collective bargaining representatives” within the preceding year, the union will be certified immediately.

We need to bring back the value of respect: respecting workers, respecting each other, and respecting the jobs that Ohioans do every single day.

This means that workers should be put first, and the PRO Act must be passed.

— Tim Ryan (@TimRyan) July 13, 2022

This is not the first time Ryan did something similar. Ryan is reputed to have a history of using proxy voting systems and the coronavirus pandemic to justify wasting taxpayer funds.

The Washington Free Beacon reported in February that Ryan was fundraising in Los Angeles during the Super Bowl:

Rep. Tim Ryan (D., Ohio), who has proxy voted 60 times, was in Los Angeles fundraising for his U.S. Senate campaign the day after the Super Bowl. He would not be eligible for proxy voting if he is elected. The Senate doesn’t allow it.

The Free Beacon also reported in April that Ryan spent tens of thousands of dollars on rent with taxpayer-funded money but kept his Ohio constituent office closed during the coronavirus pandemic. He campaigned still in person:

In Ohio, congressman Tim Ryan, who is running for Senate, had his in-district office closed. He spent $81,957. 91 on rent-related costs last year. Despite Ryan keeping his Ohio office closed, he says he is running a campaign based on looking “people in the eye, tell[ing] them I give a damn about them.” Even though his constituent office was closed, Ryan told local reporters that he is busy campaigning in-person.

” We’re going everywhere to meet people, learn about their communities, and see what opportunities there are for them,” Ryan stated last month.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) recently extended proxy voting in the House, which a Free Beacon analysis confirmed is regularly abused by Democratic members of Congress who claim they need proxy voters due to the coronavirus while they travel the country for political fundraisers and events with Biden. According to the Free Beacon analysis, Ryan proxy-voted dozens of times while he held in-person campaign events across Ohio.

As a result of Ryan’s abuse of his proxy voting privileges, J.D., Trump-endorsed Republican Senate Candidate, was reprimanded. Vance blasted him with a statement.

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“Tim Ryan has spent 20 years in Washington, DC living off the taxpayers’ dime, while accomplishing nothing except renaming a few buildings,” Vance stated. It’s unfortunate that Ryan is refusing to go to work. But it’s really disgraceful to hear from Ohioans why he won’t show up. He deserves a pink slip .”

for career fraudster politician.

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @JacobMBliss.

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