How Bad Is Crime? They’re Even Locking up the Spam in NYC

How bad are the Bidenflation and the crime in New York?

Turns out they’re even locking up the Spam now in plastic cases in at least one Duane Reade store in the Port Authority bus terminal in New York City. I’ve been in this store many times over the years, and this has to be a first.

The thoroughly revamped loss-prevention regime at the Port Authority Duane Reade has finally created something of beauty, a sort of Jeff Koons homage.

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Now, I have to admit that I like Spam. Where else can you get such a festival of salt, nitrites, and bad things that taste good in a handy, dandy can? I’m with my colleague Andrew Malcolm, who also likes it and wrote a terrific story about his history with Spam.

But when you have to lock up something that costs $3.99, you know it must be bad.

Some people couldn’t believe it. “I’ve never seen that before!” one cashier said, while taking off the anti-theft case.

Jenny Kenny, who was visiting from Kentucky, was astonished by how many things were in cases. But that’s because she comes from Kentucky, where it isn’t as insane as NYC. But admittedly, if you’re getting down to putting the Spam and the Starkist tuna in cases, it’s not good.

Crime in New York City is up this year in six of seven major categories and the New York Post reported that petty larceny complaints are up 52% in the precinct where the Port Authority is located compared to last year.

“I don’t think they stop anything,” a store clerk named Iggy said about the anti-theft cases. “It’s security theater. If you really needed it, you would stomp on it.”

Just a few days ago, Iggy’s suspicion appeared to be well founded when a man in a black tank top bolted out of the store with a $38 electric razor after asking an employee to remove it from the plastic case.

It isn’t just NYC; we’re seeing this in big Democratic-run cities across the country, with the shoplifting out of control.

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What a lot of the people are doing is stealing things to sell them at a discount to people who are hard up for money because of Bidenflation.

Meanwhile, the Biden team is just denying reality, denying we’re in a recession, and even trying to redefine the term.

Comedian David Alan Grier may just say it for all of us with his evaluation of this news.

They lockin Spam up nowwww??!!??? #EndTimes

— David Alan Grier (@davidalangrier) July 30, 2022

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