WATCH: MSNBC’s Host and Guests Wish That Hell Did Exist, So Trump Could Go There

Elie is an racial, racist and racially-biased “justice correspondent” at The Nation. A loon, he frequents MSNBC and CNN to degrade everything American about America (including the Constitution) as well as to sell his books. Mystal loathes the Constitution. He is a hateful person for those who created it. On “The View,” he called founders “slavers colonizers and misogynists.”

And, according to Mystal, anyone who refuses to accept his racist rants for an indisputable, undeniable fact is a racist. Mystal’s racist America is terrible mysticism wraps everything about him.

When Elon Musk announced his intention to buy Twitter, Mystal was quick to jump on Musk, labeling him a racist and implying that Musk, if he bought Twitter, would pore through private messages of black people. It is difficult to comprehend how bat guano mad that Musk has become, but Mystal’s comments range from complete lunacy to Tin foil-hat madness.

On Saturday morning he was on MSNBC’s Cross Connection, hosted by Tiffany Cross. You’re not the only one who answered “Who?” She was someone I didn’t know. Joy Reid is a younger version of her.

I watched some clips from “Cross”, so you don’t have too. The show, which is monochrome, features racial hatred, racism, blame, and race baiting. It also has guests that agree with it. Cross is Cross racist? You can decide. When she was discussing the Will Smith slap, she said the following:

” I want to make it very clear that when we are talking about family, I believe it’s absurd to place the conversation around opinions of white people.

She, like most of her colleagues at MSNBC and the clowns at CNN, manipulate graphics to lie, and Cross used a manipulated quote to make a 2020 Trump tweet look as bad as possible.

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Except. This isn’t what Donald Trump meant. He wrote

Trump’s deleted tweet, screenshot.

On Saturday Cross rant about Trump and the people who voted for Trump. You are also hated by her. What did Cross have to say on Trump’s hateful and violent start? Cross said:

“Trumps ignorance of black and brown life, outlandish policies that threaten us all… Did you think the man who stated that when looting begins the shooting starts, violence wasn’t going encourage? .”

I wrote about a story where AP claimed that Trump had incited violence by tweeting it. Neither AP nor Cross have provided any evidence supporting their bogus claim. Trump’s “Extremists will Respond” claim was never made. Many Antifa looters and thugs responded, causing billions of dollars in destruction and dozens being killed. Rioters had already started violence in American cities. No one has yet to link any violence to Trump’s tweet.

Facts are irrelevant to Cross. Mystal doesn’t care about facts. Cross offered Mystal a beachball on her program and Mystal accepted it. Mystal said that Trump could go to Hell if Hell existed. Cross agreed, and nodded with joy. Let’s put Trump in hell.

Here is the video:

. @ElieNYC: “I’m willing to believe in Hell just so that Trump has some place to go in the next life to be held accountable”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) July 30, 2022

These are Americans who hate America already. Trump gave them an excuse to be even more hateful.

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