Quadruple Vaxxed and COVID Positive

Joe Biden is COVID. Still.

He has been twice vaccinated, twice boosted, wears a mask frequently and is COVID-infected. It’s not too alarming to me. His COVID survival rate is hovering around the 97th percentageile, even at age. He is able to access the most advanced care available. He will be okay. Problem is, we are still involved in an argument about mandates. Liberty is my number one priority. Some believe that imposing mask mandates is for the betterment of society. It is better to preserve your freedom to choose your health care.

I can understand the concept of mandates if the vaccine is the key to eliminating COVID. Although I am not a rocket surgeon, a vaccine that takes four doses in 12 months but doesn’t stop sickness is at the very least useless and not viable to endanger school and jobs for healthy Americans.

It’s time for us to get on with our lives.

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