House GOP Subpoena Hunter, Jim Biden and FBI to Go After Politicizing Cases

Things concerning Hunter Biden have intensified in recent months, with the case reaching a “critical phase” and FBI whistleblowers disclosing attempts to block the case.

With all the information that was revealed on the laptop, and the amount of evidence to follow regarding foreign connections it raises serious national security questions. It also raises big question about whether justice will be served in this case.

But two senior Republicans are expected to take charge of House investigation committees next year if the GOP wins the House. promise action against Hunter Biden, and on the politicization FBI.

Rep. James Comer, (R-KY), was the top member of House Oversight Committee and committed to subpoenaing evidence from Hunter Biden or James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother and son — in order to find out the truth about the foreign connection.

” We’re going to ask them for testimony, and if they don’t, we’ll subpoena.” Comer stated in an extensive interview. So that’ll probably be the first subpoena by a Republican majority

Comer stated that the subpoena was not an attempt at political embarrassment for an already unpopular president but an attempt to resolve legitimate national security questions and ethical concerns surrounding the Biden family’s transactions with companies in countries such as Russia, China, and Ukraine.

“It is not that we are picking on Hunter Biden because of political reasons,” he stated. We believe Hunter Biden’s shady business deals have compromised Joe Biden’s ability to make some decisions, particularly when you consider his decisions with regard to China and Russia. So we consider this a priority for the American people.”

Comer stated it was a national security risk and that “we are not going to stop at it.” We’re under threat from China, and the Biden team is responding with pathetic statements.

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Comer said he did not think the process should take so long, and that they believed there was evidence that Joe Biden had been involved.

” He had 150 suspicious activities reports from different banks. This means that the bank knew Hunter Biden was involved in some criminal activity but did not do anything. They were aware that Hunter Biden was influence-peddling both in Ukraine and in Russia, the Middle East, and China. But they didn’t do anything.” […. ]

“I think Joe Biden knew all about it,” he stated. We’ve now seen the phone call between Joe Biden and Hunter, where he stated that he believed Joe Biden knew about all of it. It’s all good. Joe Biden obviously was following that.

“Now, we see text messages and phone calls that indicate that Joe Biden communicated with Hunter’s business associates. We’re seeing call logs now, White House visitor logs that show that there were many, many communications between Joe Biden and Hunter’s business associates.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH — likely to head the House Judiciary Committee – also pledged to take action against the politicization FBI cases and the reported padding statistics about domestic extremism to make it worse. This fits with the Biden team’s narrative on domestic extremism.

“They are juicing numbers,” Jordan stated, in describing whistleblowers’ allegations. They set up the domestic terrorist office a mere few months ago. Because they cannot talk about all the other things they have done wrong or every bad policy they took, this has been a major focus for Democrats. They have this as their focus. We’ve also had multiple whistleblowers come forward to tell us that they are being forced to catalogue domestic terrorist cases. This fits the crazy narrative that the Biden government has .”

Jordan stated that, if the FBI does not comply with their requests, when they are in power, they have the right to hold them accountable through the power to the purse.

” We can keep doing the investigations and getting the truth to America’s people,” he stated. We can also look at the funding process. It is the responsibility of the legislature to fund the executive branches of government.

” And then, hopefully in two years we can elect an Republican president. It’s likely to be Donald Trump, I believe and hope so. He will run. He should win, I believe. Then you will put in the correct kind of leadership at Justice Department that will really rein in that institution, eliminate the politics, and focus on equality under the law, rule of law and the Constitution and not all of the political stuff that we currently see .”


If you need a reason to vote, here’s one.

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