Rep. James Comer: There is mounting evidence to prove Hunter Biden’s ‘guilty for everything’



The charges that the U.S. attorney in Delaware has prepared against Hunter Biden are a plan to shield the president’s child from an upcoming congressional investigation. Rep. James Comer said.

Biden’s laptop was left behind, and his voicemails as well as former business associates who “came out of the woodwork” have more evidence than sufficient to prove that the president’s son “is guilty of everything,” stated the Kentucky Republican.

The mountain of evidence doesn’t mean that the Justice Department will be able to throw the book at the son of President Biden, according to Mr. Comer. He is well-placed to assume the chairmanship of the Oversight Committee, if Republicans win November.

“He has a lot more legal problems than anyone else in history. Indicting him or naming a special counsel would be to prevent him from being required to testify before a congressional panel,” said Mr. Comer in an interview to The Washington Times.

He suggested that a Hunter Biden indictment on minor charges might be used to protect him from answering more difficult questions before Congress.

” If we subpoena Hunter Biden and he declines, it will go to court. Their argument at court will be: ‘Well. He’s already been indicted. “There’s special counsel. You’re only muddying water.” Mr. Comer stated.

Mr. Comer forecast that Hunter Biden would be indicted by the Justice Department and “do as Durham and ride out the clock,” which refers to special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the FBI’s probe of Trump-Russia collusion, to rig the 2016 elections.

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Some conservatives have criticised Mr. Durham’s three-year investigation. It took too long and hasn’t yielded any major revelations or convictions of any FBI or political figures.

The federal investigation into Hunter Biden has reportedly reached a crucial phase, as prosecutors make a decision about whether to press charges against him five months prior to the midterm elections.

According to CNN, the Department of Justice is currently discussing the case and drafting guidelines for politically sensitive cases with Delaware-based attorneys. Sources close to the discussions claim that the Department of Justice has also been involved in the consultations.

Indictments of Hunter Biden have focused on tax violations and making false statements about his drug abuse on a federal firearm form. This would otherwise have stopped the sale.

A spokesperson for U.S. Attorneys in Delaware declined comment.

An ex-official at the DOJ, Jim Trusty believes a plea bargain could be in place.

” We’re not hearing any word “conspiracy” and are seeing and hearing a lot of drug addiction videos. So I believe the ‘critical stage’ is more about reaching an agreement to end the whole inquiry than looking into a complete investigation into a ‘pay-to play’ scheme. He told The New York Post.

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes and business was initiated in 2018 by David Weiss (the U.S. Attorney in Delaware). Trump appointed him.

Mr.Comer stated that the Oversight Committee will continue its investigation into foreign business transactions of the Biden family. This is regardless of the U.S. Attorney’s decision. Even if Hunter Biden receives a “slap on his wrist .”

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” That’s not the end of his problems. He said that they aren’t even investigating the charges against him. We believe he is a U.S. security threat. He’s a threat to the U.S. national security. We’ll continue. We will continue.

Mr. Comer said that the committee will conduct a thorough examination of President Obama’s brother Jim Biden. Mr. Comer called him the “brains” of the Biden family businesses operation.

The investigators of the committee are looking into the recent U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of Kentucky filings that claim James Biden fraudulently incentivize Americore Holdings loans that were never repaid.

According to the lawsuit, Jim Biden promised to use his political connections to benefit Americore and in exchange, Americore lent him over $600,000. Jim Biden is accused of not being able to obtain promised financing from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, leading to the company’s bankruptcy.

“There’s an issue: the President is using his influence to push for oil in the Middle East, while the Vice President goes over there asking for more. We’re investigating Jim Biden. “We’re investigating Jim Biden,” said Mr. Comer. We’re investigating Jim Biden,” Mr. Comer stated.

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