Fathers Against Sons


Setting Fathers Against Sons

The Biden administration aims to free “trans youth” of their “nonaffirming family members.

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In The Progressive Era , Murray Rothbard portrayed a struggle between Catholics and Protestants to control San Francisco’s public schools. John Swett, one of the leading figures in California public education in the middle of the 19th century, believed that “children arrived at the age of maturity belong, not to the parents, but to the State, to society, to the country.” It was agreed by the city’s wealthy Protestants that they wanted the public school system to “impose pietist Protestant rule over Catholic ethnics.” One San Francisco priest stated that the vision of state-run schools was so comprehensive and extensive and that they were trying to undermine Catholic students’ faith in so many ways, the school system had “not satisfied with teaching children 3 Rs…it reaches and takes control of their entire lives

This is in some ways the Biden administration’s LGBT agenda. From its attempted crackdown on parents who don’t want pornography in school libraries to its executive order calling for a study of the long-term effects of “family rejection” on “LGBTQI+ individuals,” one of the administration’s central aims has been countering the influence of traditionalist parents, and disrupting relationships between parents and children.

Take, for example, “Q Chat,” which Breitbart reported last week is linked on the CDCs “LGBT Youth Resources” page. Q Chat brands itself a digital “community for LGBTQ+ teens” that allows users between 13 and 19 years old to engage peers and adult “facilitators” in discussions of sexuality and gender identity. The site has hosted discussions for its teenaged users on subjects like “Sex and Relationships,” “Having Multiple Genders,” and “Drag Culture 101.” An academic review of users’ behavior, posted on the National Institutes of Health website, indicates that “sex education” is one of the most popular chat subjects.

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It is terrible enough that such a website exists, but it is doubly bad that the federal government endorses it. It gets worse. The bottom of the page has an image of a running stick figure. This invites you to click on it “for a quick escape” if you are accompanied by a parent. This is in keeping with Q Chat’s wider subversive goals. Researchers noted that Q Chat’s desired populations for engagement are “LGBTQ Youth in the South” and that this pandemic “has increased” the need for Internet-based programming and services, given that these “LGBTQ youth” have been further excluded from community and school services, and are confined to non-affirming homes. “

Note the presumption of opposition between “school” and “home”: progressives frequently deny that schools encourage students to explore other sexualities, gender identities. However, such pretenses are dropped here. This is actually a more accurate representation of what they really believe. Refusing to affirm your child’s sexual identity or behavior is violence and should be grounds for removing them from your care. They insist on keeping students’ medical records from non-affirming parents. It is unacceptable for a parent to steer their child from having genital-mutilation procedures.

The Biden administration’s response to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act is completely benign and, in my opinion, doesn’t go far enough. It also contains a clause that prohibits school districts from imposing policies to stop school staff from disclosing parents’ “mental, emotional or physical health information”. This is a policy to avoid “outing” children to their parents.

When the bill was presented for the first time, Biden called the bill “hateful” while telling “every member the LGBTQI+community,” “the children,” that his Administration would continue to fight for safety and protections.

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But from whom exactly does the Biden administration want to “protect” children? It is not school counselors that would tell confused boys they are girls, nor teachers who push for queer theory in schools.

When Admiral Levine, Health Secretary of the Biden Administration says that it wants to empower young people “to get gender-affirmation therapy,” this is more than a promise. Yes, it is against state bans on Medicaid-funded minor transgender surgery. This is enough. It also encourages Q Chat, which aims to liberate “trans youth” form their “nonaffirming family members” and undermine the family unit.

There is no doubt that there are bad parents. There are also situations where we have to take the children out of their care. The state intervenes in the interests of delusions. The family is still the core of society, despite its imperfections. Joe Sobran said, “There were always bad fathers. But the average number of fathers is greater than the number of kings.” “

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