Taylor Lorenz is again embarrased after Harassment Claims are Defeated by Witness

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz loves attention. But the attention that she can be a victim of is what she values most. This story can be added to our pile.

Lorenz declared that she was at the rally against Meta’s unjust moderation policies on Saturday. On Twitter Lorenz took note of where she was, posted a digital flyer that included the date, exact time and address.

I’m here in Astor Place for this rn pic.twitter.com/9pF9dsDar7

— Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) July 23, 2022

Lorenz quickly tweeted that she was being harassed and threatened by men. It wasn’t proven that some did actually track her down to confront her. Lorenz did not provide any evidence in the form of video or photos.

Just because you are following me doesn’t mean that u know me. Leave me alone.

— Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) July 23, 2022

A man, described as an autistic minority, posted a video explaining the events. His video reveals that he was there to support and to meet anti-Zuck protesters with whom he has been in communication for some time. He was 25 feet away from Lorenz and had no intention of actually interacting with her.

Lorenz approached him at one point and asked his name. After that, she asked him to go. He said that he just went, and that’s all.

Taylor Lanz was caught playing victim and lying AGAIN. A young man (who happens to be a minority w autism) went to the PUBLIC @Meta protest organized by meme creators. He went to meet creators he’s a fan of but Lorenz was there too.She makes him leave & then says he’s a stalker. pic.twitter.com/RBVqLgN1U2

— Ariadna Jacob (@littlemissjacob) July 25, 2022

The man did not go to Lorenz. He claimed that he went to the event to meet Lorenz because he had previously interacted with the group via their Discord Discord server. Lorenz approached him and confronted his, but Lorenz claims that the encounter took place in the reverse order.

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Ariadna Jacob did some research and discovered that the tale goes back a little deeper about this man’s relationship with Lorenz. Jacob noticed that Jacob thought this might be the man who was a friend of Lorenz and would post content to her public accounts. According to messages revealed, Lorenz initially loved the attention but it soon turned bitter when she realized that her public posts were appearing on an account other than hers. It wasn’t long before she was demanding that he stop reposting her stuff, accusing him of being “invasive” and noting that she can only assume he intends to do her harm.

These interactions took place as late last November according to time stamps.

It would make sense if the man went to Lorenz’s protest to follow him, but the fact that the fan account he had previously run was a little strange. If he had been interacting in Discord with the protesters and wanted to meet them then it makes Lorenz and him being there at the same time and place a coincidence. If he kept his distance from her and didn’t interact with her, that would make her speak with him.

Personally, I believe Lorenz more than the man. The Washington Post reporter is known for making herself appear like she’s a victim of any interaction. Lorenz also saw her Twitter public history removed from the Wayback Machine. Evidently, Lorenz doesn’t like her internet history being made public. This explains why she decided to make the Man Above delete her fan accounts.

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This Lorenz is also responsible for the doxxing of Libs Of TikTok, and following the family members of the account runner.

(READ – ‘Libs Of TikTok’ Account Responds After Formerly Tearful WaPo Reporter Doxxes Them )

Her penchant for self-victimization and hypocrisy make this drama unlikely to end in “y”. Lorenz, who was never in danger, is not in any way.

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