Trump telling Americans that violence should be allowed if he’s indicted

Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian, said on Sunday’s MSNBC’s Symone that Donald Trump had told his followers there should be violence if he were indicted.

Host Symone Symone Sanders stated, “There is 43% of Americans who think that a Civil War will happen within the next decade.” This is according to You Gov’s poll and The Economists. The poll also showed that people who identify themselves as strong Republicans and quote-strong are more likely to believe it. These elected Republican representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene are calling for a nationwide divorce. The Capitol was stormed by thousands. We must not forget January 6. What clues does history give us about how to turn our course ?”


Beschloss stated, “The first clue. I believe you would agree on this. This is the first time in history that an ex-president has said that, if I am indicted for a crime, violence will ensue in the streets. Or that Lindsey Graham and his allies have done that. That message was certainly sent to the attorney general. That .”

message was the first of its kind.

He said, “This marks the first occasion in American history when we have ever had someone who was once president of the United States.” He thinks that he is still president .”

, but I suspect this was his distorted mind.

Sanders stated, “He doesn’t believe that he lost the election .”

Beschloss stated, “Down at his throne in New Jersey or anywhere he’s. This is a person who holds the office, and basically says to Americans that civil war should occur. In the event that I am indicted, violence should ensue. Nothing similar has ever happened in American history .”

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