Lofgren: Trump’s FBI Critique of ‘Potentially ‘Incitement


Representative Zoe Lofgren, D-CA, stated Sunday that ex-President Donald Trump’s critique of the FBI “potentially” amounts to incitement.

Trump said at a rally that the FBI and Justice Department had become vicious monsters under the control of radical left scoundrels lawyers, and media outlets who tell them what they should do .”

Acosta inquired, “You’ve the ex-president of the United States calling you the enemy of your state?” Your reply ?”

Lofgren said, “Well, it’s bizarre. In his Philadelphia speech, President Biden warned Americans against extremism. Ex-president Biden is making his case for calling out law enforcement as evil enemies .”

Acosta inquired, “He also referred to FBI members, the Department of Justice as vicious monsters…You have looked at with the committee Trump’s rhetoric up until January 6th. Is that rhetoric more incitement ?”


Lofgren stated, “Well…potentially yes. There were many outrageous claims that were made in the run-up to Jan 6th to inflame public opinion. It’s intended to make people hate law enforcement officers, I believe. We’ve also seen it reach people willing to take action on the rhetoric. The Ohio FBI agent was attacked by a man who tried to kill them. The ex-president should stop this from happening. However, Democrats as well Republicans in elected offices should raise this issue. This behavior .”

is unacceptable.

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