WATCH: American explains to Joe Biden what the MAGA is all about


We’ve already written much about Joe Biden’s deplorable remarks against MAGA voters.

President Donald Trump likes to say that Joe Biden’s speech proved that he was not just coming for him, but for his political opponents. Biden went overboard with the speech, and had to try to avoid the backlash on the following morning. Biden claimed that he was not really saying the same thing he said during his speech as he had been saying over the past week. It was too late for him to alter the speech. What was even more funny, was that his planned tweet went out even though he had made “take backsies”.

Too many of the things that are happening today in this country isn’t normal. Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are extremists that pose a threat to the foundations of the republic.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) September 2, 2022

Biden does not care about who he is defaming by this tactic. It’s all about keeping power, whipping his base and trying to stop Donald Trump winning again.

But because Biden wants to dehumanize millions, I thought it would be interesting to post a reply from a MAGA representative for Joe Biden. Our friends at Twitchy discovered . You can find many different types of MAGA folks. He does an excellent job explaining MAGA and puts a face to the people Joe Biden defames. Alma Ohene Opare is his name. He had to wait 18 years until, in 2021, he became a citizen of the United States. Because he believed that the American Dream was possible and that the city of light would be found on top, he came to America. He will vote in his first election.

This defense of MAGA is the best I have ever heard.
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— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) September 3, 2022

” I was born in a country that did not guarantee my rights,” he stated. To hear Joe Biden say what he said, “dismiss more than 70 million of his own countrymen as ‘fringe’ and ‘extreme’ and not worth listening to breaks my heart and makes me wonder what I should tell my children about the future of this once great shining city on the hill.”

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Ohene_Opare gave then a wonderful recitation about what MAGA means for him:

“We are MAGA because we want to restore the promise in the hearts of our children that this is the place where their efforts will be rewarded and where their true potential can be realized. MAGA is a belief in free speech and the right to practice our religion. We support limited government and the rule-of-law. We believe in the rule of law and limited government. Because I would like to see my children, who are all black, and be able tell them they don’t have to suffer. They can also look in their eyes to remind them they do not need to fear. Our leaders must put America’s interests and those of its citizens first. We believe our government should not saddle our children and grandchildren with insurmountable debt, chasing after a misguided idea of controlling or changing the course of the climate.”

Ohene_Opere stated that, while many were horrified to witness the events of Jan. 6, they also saw through attempts to label all Republicans as ‘insurrectionists. He said, “We love law enforcement and we are MAGA. But, they’ve given clear evidence that their biases against half the country .”


He talked about how he finally got to vote, after having waited nearly 20 years. “The MAGA Republicans, numbering in the tens of thousands, aren’t filled with hatred towards anybody. This country is our home. We are heirs to the wonderful legacy of freedom that this country has given us. Therefore, we want to use our rights and not be demonized .”

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Recalling Ronald Reagan’s call for Joe Biden:

“Tear down this wall of divisiveness and division, that seeks to pit your fellow citizens against one another. Listen to your call to unity, and put aside the propaganda that seeks demonizes and discredits millions of Americans who have given their lives to protect these United States. If you believe in the redemption of America, give my children a reason to hope, a reason to believe that our best days are ahead of us, in spite of the challenges we face as a country.”

What a great way to convey it all. We are happy to welcome you home, sir. Joe Biden defamed this kind of man. He is only one of millions. Ohene Operae may be a novice citizen but has better understanding of the country than Joe Biden.

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