Biden travels to the election battlefields Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in preparation for Labor Day

President Biden will make back-to-back visits to battleground Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and other states on Labor Day in an effort to show his support for unions as Democrats attempt to keep their majorities in Congress.

Mr. Biden will be promoting the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Democrats’ $740 trillion tax-and-spending bill while he stops in Milwaukee and Pittsburgh.

He is expected to attend the large-scale Labor Day festivities in these two strongholds of union.

Mr. Biden attended the annual Labor Day Parade in Pittsburgh in 2015, 2018, and launched his 2020 presidential campaign at a Teamsters banquet room in the city. He has described his trip to be a celebration “the dignity and American workers .”

Milwaukee’s Labor Day Parade will be held on Monday. It will then follow by its Laborfest which lasts for a day. Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and others have attended.

The stops are a crucial launch point for President Biden as he begins his campaign for Democrats in the lead up to November’s elections.

In Pennsylvania the Democratic Senate Candidate John Fetterman faces a close-watched battle against Trump-backed Mehmet Oz to succeed retiring Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

Democratic Senate hopeful in Wisconsin: Lt. Governor. Mandela Barnes will be taking on Republican incumbent Senator Ron Johnson.

Republican-leaning candidates have expressed concern about running alongside President Biden. He has had months of poor approval ratings.

Democrat Senate hopeful Tim Ryan, who is challenging Trump-backed J.D.

Democratic Senate hopeful Tim Ryan, who is running against Trump-backed J.D. Ryan said that he will join President Biden on the visit to Ohio for the opening of Intel’s new semiconductor plant.

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Mr. Fetterman avoided the president during multiple visits to Wilkes-Barre, where Mr. Biden presented his $37billion plan to reduce crime rates. Mr. Biden also spoke out against “MAGA Republicans,” a serious threat to democracy, in Philadelphia.

Mr. Biden’s Labor Day visit will provide insight as to whether Mr. Biden can reverse this trend.

To date, Mr. Fetterman said that he would join Mr. Biden during his Labor Day visit, but Mr. Barnes is yet to make a commitment.

” The reality is that people like Fetterman, Ryan, and Barnes read polls,” stated Brad Bannon who works as a strategist for Democrats and labor unions. “Biden’s job rating, which was once in the low 30s is now in the mid-40s. And that’s why I think Fetterman and Ryan have turned around. I think Barnes will .”


A Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday revealed a 9 point increase in Mr. Biden’s national approval rating. This rose to 40%, after a string of legislative victories.

Throughout his political career, Vice President Joe Biden enjoyed strong relations with union leaders. Mr. Bannon believes that the president will boast of several important accomplishments during his Labor Day stopsovers.

“Labor under Joe Biden has done well and I believe he will emphasize that,” Mr. Bannon stated, noting that Mr. Biden would likely speak about expanding clean energy jobs in the Democrats’ tax and spend bill, the Inflation Reduction Act.

While Mr. Biden’s popularity is growing, his approval ratings are still low. According to the Quinnipiac poll, 52% disapprove of how Mr. Biden handles his job.

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Mr. Biden was also criticised for his rhetoric in campaign calling pro-Trump Republicans extremists and a danger to democracy.

His appearances in Milwaukee and Pittsburgh follow his speech at Philadelphia’s prime time, where he described the coming midterm elections in Philadelphia as a fight for the “soul of America .”

Mr. Biden has frequently cited violence at the 2017 rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville as a reason for his bid to become president. 2020, He pledged in his campaign that he would unify the country and help the country’s troubled soul.

Critics say that Mr. Biden’s presidency has not done much to unify the nation, while many in the GOP worry about his divisive rhetoric.

Despite all the negative comments, Mr. Bannon doesn’t expect Mr. Biden will back down as he goes about his Labor Day tours.

“While Biden’s numbers keep rising, Trump’s are falling,” he stated. Voters now worry as much about democracy and the economy as they do about economic threats. Biden is ranting about this, I believe. Americans are worried about our democracy .”

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