The WH Definition Of ‘Extremist” Is As Unhinged As Their Imaginary Job Nos


We’ve seen some very radical statements coming from the White House. On Thursday, Joe Biden made a deplorable and extreme speech regarding MAGA voters. Although he tried desperately to redress the situation this morning it was too late. We saw his agenda. This was not just a speech, but an entire policy strategy that also involved Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary. This is part of a wider tactic that allows them to say whatever they want, regardless of reality.

How far are they from the truth? Jean-Pierre was quizzed on Thursday about their motivation for calling MAGA Republicans “extremist” or “semifascist”. She added that this is extreme thinking.

NOW White House: If you don’t agree with the majority of Americans, you will know that it is extreme. This is an extreme way to think.

— (@disclosetv) September 1, 2022

You’re considered an “extremist” when you disagree with the majority. This is a very fascist approach. It is against the law to disagree.

But, on top of all that, who are the extremists here with that approach? Biden is at 38 percent approval and his Administration is one of the most radical we have ever had. He sounds like he isn’t in the “majority”, and that he’s an “extremist”. It’s pretty extreme when you go against all rules to attack millions upon Americans.

But KJP also made an “extremist comment” right before Biden’s terrible speech. It’s not clear what she meant.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: Cutting middle-class taxes is an “extreme” MAGA Republican proposal

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 2, 2022

Jean Pierre said that “That’s the plan they presented…And he called it, he called this extreme.” “He called out the MAGA Republicans of the Senate for this and that was also going be to reduce taxes on middle class.” Is she saying it was extreme to lower taxes on middle class? It’s hard to believe she can say this given what she has said. She would have failed if she tried to add something there.

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But again, remember that it’s not about reality or facts. It’s all about how they perceive the story, even if this means creating things.

Jean Pierre also spoke about the job report. The report still has many concerns, we wrote. She wanted to spin the wonderful “job creation”, so she created this absurdity: Biden had “created nearly ten thousand millions jobs

KJP – “We’ve created almost ten million new jobs since President Biden assumed office. This is the highest rate of job growth in American history.”

— (@townhallcom) September 2, 2022

First, Biden doesn’t create any new jobs for people who return to work after the pandemic. Bidenflation may be causing people to take on additional jobs in order to cover the increased costs. What the hell is “ten million million?”? Does that sound like a billion? Is she talking about something? She also read it from her book so it appears that she meant that. If she meant 10 billion, that’s more than all the people on Earth. However, it is less than what we have spent on Ukraine. They’re simply stating things which have nothing to do with the truth.

HOW MUCH: White House claims it created “ten million,000,000 jobs .”

Next goal: eleventy-one. #JobsReport

— Joel Schipper (@JSchipperWDRB) September 2, 2022

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