California requests residents not to charge EVs in the heatwave that occurs during Labor Day Weekend

California’s power operator asks residents not to charge electric cars at specific hours during Labor Day in order to reduce the strain on the power grid due to high demand and extreme heat.

The request by the California Independent System Operator, (CAISO), comes just days after California adopted regulations that prohibit the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles as of 2035.

Power operators stated that reducing peak usage from 4-9 p.m. would prevent the need for draconian measures such as rotating outages.

” The top three conservation steps are to turn off all unnecessary lighting, set thermostats at 78 or higher and avoid large appliances.

The operator cited forecasts that show temperatures in northern California rising to 10-20 degrees higher than normal through Tuesday.

Temperatures in southern California are expected to be 10-18 degrees warmer than normal.

The operator requested residents to allow electric vehicle charging to be made easier, even though President Biden and state officials are pushing ahead with their efforts to make electric cars the preferred choice of drivers.

Republicans have asked Congress if the U.S. has the right infrastructure to support electric vehicles. They cite the high cost of EVs as well as the need for energy, which is emphasized by the California request.

Despite the multi-billion dollar federal push, most Americans still aren’t convinced to purchase electric cars.

According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports online and telephone survey, only 28% Americans believe electric cars are now practical for most drivers. 54% disagree and 18% don’t know.

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The California ban on the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles in California as of 2035 doesn’t apply to second-hand cars nor does it prohibit current gas-powered automobiles.

Kerry Picket was a contributor to this report.

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