Ann Coulter: Teen Girl Enthusiasms–Twitching, Cutting, and Trans

Remember the upstate New York twitching women?

A decade ago, more then a dozen teenage girls became obsessed with hormones and puberty. The alleged condition was scientifically impossible to prove, but it quickly spread to the other school girls. It all disappeared. This is how we can deal with teenager girls who want to infertility-inducing drugs and mutilate the sexual organs of their bodies.

We’ll return to the twitching ladies. Let’s start with a political point.

This weekend at brunch, one couple commented with irritation that everyone in a gathering of Republicans always talks about transgenders. It’s not only Republicans. At brunch, the same subject was again a problem for Democrats. They said: STOP TEACHING ABOUT TEENAGE GENDERS!

On one hand, any politician who has three functioning brain cells can hear the exact same story and conclude that The electorate is inflamed. It’s time to talk about transgenders. It is nothing major, but the most serious medical malpractice ever committed against America’s youth.

All I needed to know about the transgender craze was that, in a massive survey of parents of transitioning teens, 92 percent were women, 71 percent had a bachelor’s or graduate degree, 86 percent favored gay marriage, and 91 percent were white.

A transgender activist holds a sign outside the Ohio Statehouse on June 24, 2021. (Stephen Zenner/Getty Images)

I’m interested in the biology of this medical condition, which affects nearly exclusively liberal-white women. (Silver lining: On breaks from talking about their transitioning daughters, the mothers can compare “long-haul COVID” symptoms. )

The adolescent transgenders themselves were 83 percent girls (by which I mean “female,” that mysterious life-form unidentifiable by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson).

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These delicate creatures, with hormones inundating their bodies and social acceptance greater than life itself have produced a number of fascinating societal phenomena over the years.

— the Salem witch trials (look up Ann Putnam Jr. );

— anorexia nervosa (females are three times more likely to have anorexia than males);

— cutting (girls are three times more likely to engage in cutting than boys);

— cavalcades of prescription drugs that shouldn’t be given to any human being, least of all a teenager (teen girls are about twice as likely to be on antidepressants as teen boys); and now …

— transgenderism. (In the past decade, the number of girls seeking to transition has gone up by about 5,500 percent; compared to 1,500 percent for boys, according to the Tavistock Centre, the U.K.’s only gender identity clinic for teens. )

Engraving depicting the Salem witch trials, a famous case of mass-hysteria, in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692-1693. (Kean Collection/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

A Nexis search revealed that “transgender”, was virtually non-existent in the New York Times up until quite recently. In the past 18 months, the Times has mentioned transgenders 2,784 times. You have to wonder how the Salem witch trials got rolling without the Times’ active encouragement.

But, let’s not forget the twitching ladies.

In 2012, the Times published a long magazine article about a rash of teenage girls in Le Roy, New York, having nonepileptic seizures — twitching, arms flailing, head jerking, uncontrollable humming, guttural noises, fainting, tics, and so on.

The Tourette-like seizures began in a cheerleader and spread to other members of the team. It then reached a group of about a dozen female teammates. This very real medical condition did not seem to have any effect on the staff or students at school. Only one of the teachers and one boy were affected by this condition. )

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This raised no suspicions from the mothers who continued to shout at school officials at town meetings: “I’m done hearing you!” You must do !”

Experts tested water, air and abandoned factories. They also conducted extensive neurological testing. Erin Brockovich even sent a team to test the dirt at the school (despite the fact that she’d turned out to be completely wrong about the purported “cancer cluster” that made her famous).

The girls appeared with their moms on the “The Today Show” as well as “Dr. Phil” show. CNN dispatched a team to investigate.

In the end there wasn’t anything wrong with the girls. All moved on. All the tics disappeared.

This, according to the Times, is how these estrogen-fueled panics will end. The Times cited famed epidemiologists, local neurologists, and feminist writers all making the exact same point: The worst thing to do when facing a psychogenic outbreak is give it attention and support. Feminist literary critic Elaine Showalter, for example, listed three prerequisites to a mass hysteria: “physician-enthusiasts and theorists; unhappy and vulnerable patients; and supportive cultural environments.”

Fortunately for Le Roy’s girls, they weren’t the most privileged children in an average town. They would still be in wheelchairs today if they had been at The Brearley School, New York City.

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