Fetterman withdraws from debate in Pa. Senate Race, and cites Oz Campaign’s “mockery” of his stroke


Democratic Senate Candidat John Fetterman from Pennsylvania stated Tuesday that he will not debate Republican opponent Mehmet Oz next Wednesday, objecting at what he described as the Oz campaign’s mocking of his stroke recovery.

” My recovery might be a joke for Dr. Oz’s team, but it is real for me,” said Mr. Fetterman in a statement. He was the lieutenant governor of the state.

” I will not participate in a debate during the first week September but look forward having productive discussions about how we can go forward once Dr. Oz’s team is ready to seriously consider this,” he said.

Surgeons installed a pacemaker and a defibrillator in Mr. Fetterman to control his heartbeat following a stroke.

Concerns have been raised about his health and ability to continue campaigning. In the last week, he has only held two rallies.

An Oz campaign adviser said that Mr. Fetterman would not have suffered a stroke had he never “had ever eaten any vegetable in his lifetime.” Mr. Oz is a former television personality and celebrity surgeon.

” I can only say what I mean — John Fetterman must be allowed to fully recover, and I will back him, as someone who has gone through difficult times, to get prepared,” Mr. Oz stated on KDKA.

Later Tuesday the Oz campaign stated that it was notified by Mr. Fetterman not to take part next week in live television debate.

“John Fetterman, who is a lie, a liberal and a coward, said Britney Yanick (communications director of the Oz campaign).

Mr. Fetterman stated that Mr. Oz’s rhetoric “made it abundantly obvious that they believe it is funny to make fun of stroke survivors .”

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” “I decided not to take part in this farce,” he stated about the cancelled debate. “Any notion that these challenges’ were made in good faith is destroyed

Earlier, Mr. Fetterman spoke of his recovery and the need to “improve both my speech and auditory processing .”

” I look forward to meeting with people from Pennsylvania. He said, “They’ll always be able to see where I stand.”

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