F-15 would be required by foes to the proposed assault weapon ban, Biden cracks


President Biden responded to opponents to his proposal to ban assault weapons on Tuesday by saying that “right-wing Americans” would require an F -15″ in order to “fight against this country”, remarks intended to show there are limitations to Second Amendment rights.

Mr. Biden made the remarks during an address in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania where he laid out his crime-prevention plan, calling for $13 billion in spending over the next five years for local police departments to hire 100,00 new officers.

During his speech, the President took aim at opponents to banning assault weapons and stated that the Second Amendment rights do not extend beyond the limits of the law.

” You can’t buy an automatic weapon.” Mr. Biden stated. You can’t buy an automatic weapon .

” And for the brave rightwing Americans that say “it’s all in keeping America independent and safe,” he stated, “If your goal is to defeat our country, an F -15, You need more than just a gun .”

This statement is part of Mr. Biden’s increasing use of campaign rhetoric to portray his political enemies as anti-democratic extremists in advance of the midterm elections.

A speech given at the Democratic National Committee’s fundraiser last week by Mr. Biden, he called Republican legislators and former President Donald Trump “the ultraMAGA party” while referring to their political philosophy as “semifascism.” This refers to the ultra-nationalist political movement headed by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini that began in the 1920s s .

Critics have warned that rhetoric contributes to growing divisions that underpin the country’s political discourse.

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When asked about Mr. Biden’s comments on fascism by White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre, she said that the president’s description of his political enemies was true.

” “When you examine the definition of fascism, and think about how [Republicans] have attacked our democracy, and what they are doing to take away freedoms, and want to take away rights, that’s what it is,” she said last week. It is clear .”

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