Far-Left Attempts to Cancel “Euphoria” Actress Sydney Sweney Upon Learning of Her Political Views. ‘Shame Your Parent’

The leftists want to cancel Emmy-nominated actress Sydney Sweeney because of photos posted on social media from her mother’s 60th birthday.

The guests who went to Sweeney’s mother’s birthday party included a man in a pro-police t-shirt, and some folks were wearing red hats that said: “Make Sixty Great Again.” Of course, in 2016, former President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” so now cancel culture is after Sweeney because they disagree with her family’s political views.

Sweeney tweeted:

” This is crazy, guys. An innocent celebration for my mom’s milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. She pleaded with us to stop making assumptions. She said, “Much Love to Everyone and Happy Birthday Mom

the hat is actually written ” Make Sixty Great Again” ITS A JOKE pic.twitter.com/P4Dlwt5JMf

— vishal (@swifteid) August 28, 2022

Girl @sydney_sweeney pic.twitter.com/x3Iq8zNHvJ

— EXPOSED (@exposedxbihh) August 27, 2022

According to leftists, even before 2020, supporting police officers is somehow a bad thing. Are Americans allowed to have differing opinions and views? The First Amendment is only for the extreme-left. Anyone who opposes their absurd views will have the First Amendment canceled.

One Twitter user said that “if you are white and don’t want to shame your parents for being conservative, then you’re as guilty …”

Seeing a sydney Sweeney getting jumped is breathtaking. If you are white, and don’t want to shame your parents about their conservative beliefs, then you will be just as guilty and should be taken out.

— 5hahem aka Dr. Durag (@shaTIRED) August 28, 2022

He suggests that we make it a point to shame family members for having different views and beliefs than the Twitter user. Even for cancel culture, this is an unacceptable behavior.

This was not the first attempt to cancel Sweeney. She was criticised for wearing a revealing outfit to the MTV Movie and TV Awards in June. She was criticized by the “body positivity movement”, for not taking good care of herself.

Kerry Justich wrote a piece, citing several social media users and “body acceptance advocates” upset about Sweeney’s outfit. Justich said:

” Why Sydney Sweeney feels that her micromini dress is a threat for body positivity. ‘”

“Sydney Sweney showed off her toned midriff at MTV Movie and TV Awards. She wore a Micro-Miniskirt by Miu Miu, paired with a Miu Miu super-cropped collared shirt.

It seems that not taking good care of yourself and keeping healthy is a bad thing. Shame, regardless of what it may be, is not acceptable. The extreme-left is crazy about the extent to which they will try and diminish any person or group with whom they don’t agree.

The First Amendment applies to all Americans, regardless of their race, religion or gender. The far left can agree or disagree with the First Amendment. They have every right to their opinion. It is absurd to debate, disagree and hold conversations. But the tension and fear of losing your conversation because someone disagreed with you, are insanity.

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