Democrat Mike Franken releases an ad boasting that he doesn’t take corporate PAC money after the Skirting pledge

Democrat Mike Franken releases an ad boasting that he doesn’t take corporate PAC money after the Skirting pledge


Iowa Democrat Senate candidate Mike Franken has released a campaign ad Tuesday touting his promise to never take corporate PAC funds — after apparently skirting this promise.

Franken released an ad via Twitter, saying towards the end, “Corporate special interests are ripping off Iowa families. “We need a senator that doesn’t take them money”, the Democrat is challenging longtime Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley.

FIRST ADD: I was a Navy Admiral and spoke truth to power regardless of their party.

Today special interests take advantage of Iowa families. It is time for a senator who does not take the money of these families.

I don’t take a dime and will always speak truth and power.

— Admiral Mike Franken (@FrankenforIowa) August 30, 2022

In May, the Iowa Democrat Senate hopeful said he would raise money “without taking one dime of corporate PAC money,” reiterating in June, “I don’t take any corporate PAC money. Not a penny.”

But, Franken, according to earlier reports, has reneged on his promise not to take “one dime” of corporate PAC money. He took money from the Democrat legislators’ PAC which was funded by corporations:

  • $5,000 from Sen. Tim Kaine’s (D-VA) Common Ground PAC — which accepted money from corporations such as Pfizer, Capital One, and Amazon.
  • $2,500 from Sen. Mark Kelly’s (D-AZ) Liftoff PAC — which took money from the National Association of Realtors.
  • $2,500 from Sen. Tina Smith’s (D-MN) Velvet Hammer PAC — which received money from Wells Fargo, Delta Air Lines, and Goldman Sachs.

Also, the Hawkeye State Democrat received money from Midwest Values PAC which belonged to Al Franken, a former Democrat senator. Franken disgracefully resigned in 2018 after being accused of sexual harassment. Franken claimed that he was considering running for re-election, since his PAC had raised thousands of dollars.

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In regard to the ad the Republican Party of Iowa stated that it was “dishonest” and showed that Franken would say what he feels people want to hear in order to be elected .”

Iowa Democrat Senate hopeful Mike Franken has taken money to help fund his campaign from multiple PACs that take in corporate contributions despite having a self-imposed pledge not to take in “one dime of corporate PAC money.”

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) August 21, 2022

But, this Senate hopeful from Iowa isn’t the only one to violate their pledge.

In July Breitbart News reported Cindy Axne (Iowa’s only Democrat in Congress) attacked colleagues who accept money from corporations or PACs despite having broken her pledge to not take PAC money.

Axne pledged to not accept money from corporations or PACs. Breitbart News reported that Axne had violated her promise and taken money from corporations and PACs in July. As of August 30, Axne has taken in $966,026 (557 contributions) in fundraising cash from PAC Money, according to OpenSecrets.

“Arrogant Mike Franken desecrates rural Iowa and lies to Iowans about how corporate PACs are supporting him the next day. “The guy does and says whatever it takes to win his election,” Jeff Kaufmann, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman said.

Kaufmann stated that Chuck Grassley was the country’s most hardworking Senator. Chuck Grassley puts Iowans’ needs first and visits each county every year to tell the truth. Franken can learn a lot from Chuck Grassley

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @JacobMBliss.

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