‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Goes Both Ways

‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Goes Both Ways

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‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Goes Both Ways

Trump is a distraction to most liberals. However, many conservatives lose their minds over Trump in a very different manner

The closer we are to November, I get more down on this Trump stuff.

The worst thing about Trump since Election Day is his total abuse of his most fervent supporters–habitually leading them into box canyons. You play with people’s emotions by convincing them of impossible or unattainable outcomes. This makes you politically ineffective. https://t.co/jmSxT7z3uA

— David Reaboi, Late Republic Nonsense (@davereaboi) August 29, 2022

Bonkers. He is the best friend of Democrats!


The Republicans are losing steam in the 2022 election. This could be due to a number of factors, with the Dobbs victory being the obvious. The Republican Party has a bigger problem.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) August 29, 2022

A conservative reader sends:

In “Tired of the Trump Drama,” you said:

Given the economic situation, and given how far to the Left the Biden Democrats have governed on social issues, Republicans ought to retake the house in a landslide, and ought to have a decent shot at winning the Senate. Now they are discussing how the Senate is becoming more difficult for Republicans and the possibility that Democrats might not lose as much in the House.

At this point, I wouldn’t expect any kind of resounding outcome in November. Take a look at this latest CBS poll:

(CBS/YouGov – Likely voters) are you voting for GOP/Dem in the midterms:

Overall: 47/45
Men: 53/40
Women: 41/49
Under 30: 27/60
65+: 55/39
Dems: 4/95
GOP: 95/2
Indie: 37/40
White: 55/39
Black: 14/75
Hispanic: 35/50
White no college: 61/31
White w/ college: 46/49

— Ryan James Girdusky (@RyanGirdusky) August 28, 2022

Now, it’s one poll, but given Biden’s low approval ratings and how things have been going generally, you’d expect to see more of a turn against the Left. These numbers don’t seem to be changing. Particularly, it is very concerning that Republicans cannot win Independents decisively. While you can be critical of the Democrats, the truth is that they are much more successful at winning voters over than the Republicans. If they have to choose between false promises or no promises, the majority of people will vote for someone promising them something. This is the perfect example: student loan forgiveness. Although it is a bad policy, it makes for great politics.

Simply put, no matter Biden’s approval ratings people can’t see any alternative to the Right. They are not wrong, and I don’t think they can blame me. If Republicans want to win, they need to be more focused on local issues and listen to the people.

However, even if you were to look at it from a cynical perspective, I would not mind if Democrats continued to control the government. If things get worse it is better that they are in charge of the country than the Republicans. It’s possible that by the time the people realise the Democrats are the problem it will be too late.

Yes, I will almost certainly vote for Trump if he is the 2024 nominee, because the party of child mutilators, liberal racism, and war with Russia is far worse than anything Trump is likely to do. Yet again I am tired of the conservative movements being manipulated by Donald Trump’s crass mind.

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The country is in disarray, yet we are talking about Trump. He is making it seem like he can do anything but make us all talk about him and wonder what his next move will be. Seriously, the wheels are coming off in a big way, and the Right, which has a perfectly good, effective populist (or populist-adjacent) governor in Ron DeSantis, who could be the GOP standard-bearer in 2024, instead has its head up Trump’s backside. The Democrats are racking up victories that they do not deserve. Republicans require independents. Trump can be toxic for independents. It’s how it works: When people say this, others say “Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes once again!” What do you know? TDS can go both ways. Many of you are unable to see the truth and do what is best for our country.

Imagine in only a decade going from having a fetish you have to hide from society to sitting back and watching armed militias having confrontations in the streets over its merits. This is a great country. https://t.co/ZN6pLHkLIh

— Richard Hanania (@RichardHanania) August 29, 2022

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