FBI top agent resigns amid allegations of political bias in Hunter Biden probe. Sources:

A senior FBI officer in Washington has abruptly resigned following congressional investigation into possible political bias during the handling of the Hunter Biden computer laptop case.

According to two ex-FBI officials, Timothy Thibault was made to leave his position as an assistant special agent.

Mr. Thibault was seen exiting the bureau’s elevator last Friday escorted by two or three “headquarters-looking types,” according to eyewitness accounts provided to one of the former officials.

It’s unclear if Mr. Thibault was on leave from the FBI for more than a month after revelations regarding political statements made by him while leading the unit of public corruption.

The FBI did not comment. The FBI declined to comment on attempts to reach Mr. Thibault.

Republican legislators have been looking into Mr. Thibault’s anti-Trump comments in social media posts. He was leading the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden’s father, President Biden.

In September and February of 2020, Mr. Thibault enjoyed separate opinion pieces in the Washington Post critical of Attorney General William Barr’s failure to prosecute Mr. Trump more aggressively for his political associates and close friends.

Mr. Thibault also reposted a post from the Republican antiTrump group Lincoln Project, which called Donald Trump “a psychologically damaged, embittered, and deeply unhappy man .”

During his recent testimony before Congress, Christopher A. Wray, FBI Director was evasive when asked about Thibault’s social media postings. It was “ongoing personnel issues .”

“, he said.

He believed that Thibault was supporting Trump and had been known to push out agents who were not vaccinated by the FBI’s election team.

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A whistleblower who also talks to the House Judiciary Committee was put on indefinite suspension by the bureau last year after he attended the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, 2021, which preceded a pro Trump mob storming the Capitol. Former officials claimed he had never been to the Capitol.

After he resigned late last year, the FBI official claimed that other FBI employees were “purged,” for attending the rally at their time and not as part of official FBI business.

“Look. I believe some of those involved in my indefinite suspend are the same people involved in the granting security clearances to conservative employees as a retaliation against their disfavored speech,” he stated.

Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa was the top Republican member of the Judiciary Committee. He sought records from Department of Justice late May about Mr. Thibault’s work history in response to reports of agents’ politically charged biases on social media platforms.

Mr. Grassley said Monday to The Times that Mr. Thibault’s exit from FBI would not answer questions regarding his political bias in federal investigations

“Mr. Thibault’s outspoken partisanship hampered the reputation and work of the FBI. “This type of bias in high profile investigations casts a shadow on all of the bureau’s work that he was involved with, which included opening an investigation into Trump based upon liberal news articles and shutting down investigatory activity into Hunter Biden that were based in verified information,” Mr. Grassley stated in a statement to The Times.

“Political bias at the FBI should be eradicated. The effort to restore credibility and trust in the FBI must continue. He stated that accountability is what we need, and that Congress should continue to investigate. The inspector general must also conduct an investigation as I have requested.”

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In May, Mr. Grassley wrote to Inspector General asking for an investigation into Mr. Thibault’s possible violations of regulations and rules designed to stop political biases from interfering with FBI investigations.

In testimony before the Senate, Mr. Wray dismissed Mr. Thibault’s involvement in the FBI probe into Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. This investigation was conducted during the 2020 campaign. It revealed questionable business dealings as well as potential influence-peddling.

Mr. Wray admitted during the hearing to Mr. Thibault that his social media activities were concerning.

” I should mention that I was deeply troubled by the contents of your letter, especially considering that it did not represent the FBI .”


Sen. John Kennedy (Lawrence Republican) retorted that this incident was further damaging public confidence in FBI agents and should be investigated.

” You’re killing yourself with this stuff,” Mr. Kennedy stated. This investigation must be done on the gentleman, and results should be presented to the American people .”

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