EXCLUSIVE – Document Outlines Biden Administration’s Plan To Give IDs to Illegal Immigrants

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A newly acquired document describes the Biden administration’s plans to issue identification cards to illegal immigrants.

The document describes how a pilot program called the “Secure Docket Card” would give some illegal aliens a card with a photograph, counterfeit-resistant security features, and a quick response (QR) code.

The card will replace the “current ad-hoc” system and can save Immigration and Customs Enforcement time and money by allowing officials to quickly check an illegal immigrant’s status and assist immigrants in making it to court hearings.

Biden officials confirmed the existence of such a pilot programme, but this document provides more information about the program including the estimated start date, and the cost.

The program’s key components were to start on August 1. According to the document, this included designing an identification card and creating an online portal that provides information to immigrants, such as court dates, to identify the personnel involved in the program.

These components will be complete by March 1 2023. The plan stipulates that temporary cards will be produced in the two ICE field offices, and permanent cards at an unknown central location.

The program will run until Sept. 30, 2023.

A feasibility study will be conducted the following month to determine if expansion of this pilot is possible. A feasibility study is also planned to examine whether cardholders of illegal immigrant cards can use the portal online without any assistance. It will also assess whether or not the pilot has an impact on “Fugitive Ratio,” which measures the number of undocumented immigrants who skip their court hearing. Also, it will evaluate whether officials are working harder because the program increases the work load.

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The total estimated costs were $2.5million.

“It’s absurd and ridiculous that the Biden Administration intends to spend taxpayers millions designing and issuing ID cards for hundreds of thousands illegal aliens that they are waving at them at the border,” Jessica Vaughan (director of policy studies for The Center for Immigration Studies), told The Epoch Times, after reading the document.

“They should send these documents back to their homelands, rather than issuing them,” she said.

No Update

The Epoch Times obtained the document via a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA). The Epoch Times requested updates from ICE regarding the pilot. This included whether it started in August, as planned, and whether estimated costs remained unchanged.

An ICE spokesperson sent exactly the same statement in July when she confirmed that the pilot was alive.

A spokesperson for the agency stated that “the program is still in its infancy” when asked if it was started. “There’s nothing more .”

” The pilot program for ICE Secure Docket Card Concept would allow non-citizens to have modernized documentation. The program’s details are still being developed. However, the secure card won’t be an official federal ID. “The secure card will be used by DHS agencies, and it would only be issued after national security background checks are completed,” ICE stated in its earlier statement.

” Currently, all non-citizens are provided with paper documentation from the federal government regarding their immigration status. They are easy to lose and pose security risks. They also degrade quickly in real-world usage, creating inefficiencies both for government officials and citizens. The agency stated that moving to secure cards will help save millions of dollars, increase resources and make information more accessible for DHS personnel. It also plans to reduce the agency’s FOIA waitlist.

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The pilot was criticized by top legislators when it was made public, including Rep. James Comer (R.Ky.), who is the highest Republican member of the House Oversight Committee.

Comer stated that the program was “yet other Biden Administration move encouraging Illegal Immigration by rewarding illegal immigrants who break our laws .”

Vaughan said the immigration analyst that documents won’t authenticate an individual’s identity. “Unless they have a valid travel document or a passport, we don’t have any way to know their actual identity. In which case, they will not require this document .”


This effort also suggests that the Biden administration “assumes the migrants will stay here for the longer term despite that many have no case to be granted residency.” She added that she forecasts the next step would be to allow the cards to be used legitimately as identification, and demand that landlords and banks accept the cards.


Zachary Stieber reports on U.S. news and international affairs. His office is in Maryland.

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