Trump “should have handed over all” classified documents prior to FBI raids, Senator Roy Blunt states

Sen. Roy Blunt made a mild criticism of Donald Trump Sunday. He said that Trump should have responded to earlier requests for classified documents. However, Mr. Blunt expressed concern about the motivations behind the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The Missouri Republican who is a member in the GOP Senate Leadership and sits on Intelligence Committee initially declined to share his concerns.

“He ought to have turned the documents over, and apparently had turned a lot of documents over,” Mr. Blunt stated on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Now, instead of discussing the economy, inflation, or the student loan program, which you and I discussed today .”

, I’m now focusing on this.

After a more than one-year-long search by the National Archives for highly classified documents, the FBI recovered 11 sets from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property. This raid has Republicans accusing Justice Department of inappropriately targeting a Republican foe to President Biden.

A heavily redacted affidavit was released Friday showing that an unprecedented FBI raid was motivated by agents’ prior recovery of 184 classified files from Donald Trump’s house.

“He ought to have handed over every one of them,” Mr. Blunt stated. He must know that well .

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Mr. Trump denies any wrongdoing, and has asked that a special master is appointed to ensure that no materials are taken improperly.

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