The Federal Government is now calling the shots on social media censorship. Conservatives need to wake up

For many years, right-leaning politicians have largely avoided paying attention to what’s happening with social media. Many on the right have avoided looking at what was happening with social media for years. It has been the solution to all problems that “if they don’t like their operation, you can start your own social networking platform.” This would have made sense given the challenges faced by TruthSocial and Parler.

It was obvious at an early stage of social media’s ability to interfere with political campaigns.

It was obvious that social media had been used to interfere in political campaigns at an early stage. Federal election law required broadcast outlets to give candidates for federal office the best prices for ads. They are forbidden to censor candidate ads Facebook blocked a Facebook ad that showed a couple of frames of the horrific Communist Khmer Rouge massacre fields. It was a highly attractive, conservative candidate of Cambodian origin. By the same token, in 2018, Facebook approved an ad by the North Dakota Democrat Party on behalf of then-Senator Heidi Heitkamp that warned hunters that they would lose their deer license if they voted (Facebook Verifies Bogus Ad Designed to Suppress GOP Turnout in North Dakota). This kind of hijinks is considered a felony . if you’re not a liberal Democrat. In 2019, Twitter temporarily banned Senator Mitch McConnell because his campaign account showed left-wing protesters wishing death on him and his wife (Twitter Shuts Down Mitch McConnell’s Campaign Account Because They Didn’t Like Him Making the Left Look Bad).

During the COVID panic all social media platforms followed the ever-changing and often bogus information distributed by Anthony Fauci’s gang. Any criticism or questioning regarding government actions resulted in immediate retaliation.

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It’s fine, you might say. The social media companies followed their natural pro- and anti-freedom instincts. They are private businesses and not government. We should therefore support the suppression of freedom speech. This is at least as blessing as the drag show at the local daycare.

In the early days of commercial radio, Secretary Herbert Hoover noted:

It is impossible to believe that any one person or group has the power to decide what communications may be sent to Americans. It is not possible for any one person or group of people to censor material that will be made available to the public.

But we are much more wise now and what do you think he knew anyway?

In the last few weeks more information was discovered that suggests the social media conglomerates were not free agents, but acting as federal agents. This is an important development.

In the late 1950s, a Rhode Island State Commission on Obscenity would inform a major distributor of books that they found “obscene”, indecent, impure or language or tending towards the corruption among the youth.” The US Supreme Court decided the book distributor was acting as an agent for the government even though they were a private business. This was done to permit the government to “advise” the company, rather than making it open for court challenges. It also violated the Fourteenth Amendment.

Last year, Alex Berenson was expelled from Twitter for publishing opinions and papers that were against COVID hype. After the COVID controversy had subsided, he was able to file a lawsuit against Twitter. In discovery emails, Biden’s White House sent Berenson to Twitter informing him that Berenson should be expelled because of his problems. See Alex Berenson, Journalist, Busts Biden Team and Says that Twitter Should Ban Him. It seems that Twitter took action at the request of the Biden White House in order to silence an important critic by banning Berenson’s operations before receiving the email.

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During the 2020 campaign, Hunter Biden’s epic tale of his laptop with Russian hookers and crack-smoking, as well as underage girls got out of control. Twitter removed all mentions of the story. The New York Post was also shut down by Twitter for its frontpage story. (Twitter admits it blocked the NY Post story about Hunter Biden — Could the Supreme Court have an interest?) They also shut down President Trump’s Twitter campaign account (“Unreal: Twitter Shuts Down the Main Trump Campaign Twitter Account over the Hunter Biden Story”) because of its mention. This could look, in a dim light, like an act by a private firm. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, gave an interview to Joe Rogan where he discussed the fiasco (Smoking Gun, Mark Zuckerberg Gives Huge Admission To Joe Rogan about FBI, Censorship and Hunter Biden).

In an interview Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI approached Facebook to censor Hunter Biden’s notebook. He said it was because of “disinformation.” Facebook decided to create an algorithm which makes it more difficult for people to share stories related to the Hunter Biden Notebook, rather than ban it entirely. He seems to confirm the FBI visit that drove Twitter’s actions in interview.

It’s hard to imagine a situation in which federal agencies intervened in social media to stop information flowing in the United States. This was Berenson’s ban, and Hunter Biden’s crackdown on suppressing news. The whole COVID crackdown looks more like an information operation by the government than a group of magenta-haired and tongue-pierced SJWs rabidly attacking us. It is unacceptable that social media platforms restrict access to information based upon the request of the federal government. The White House or FBI can request information from you. They have the power to imprison and close down your company if they don’t comply. Conservatives must recognize that we are nearing a point of protofascism, where large private corporations are acting as an extension of the government and can do what the government cannot. It can only stop with a Congress that has a Justice Department ready to dismantle these huge corporations and a President who is willing to jail people for interfering with information made available to Americans.

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