Stan Van Gundy: Comparing Biden’s Student Loan Bailout with Jesus Doesn’t Go Well

Joe Biden’s decision to unconstitutionally bail out student loan debt of $10,000 for anyone making below $125,000 is getting a lot of backlash, particularly from people on the right, not to mention anyone else who believes in the law and basic fairness.

We’ve seen left-leaning politicians try to make comparisons with PPP loans, and say that Republicans who borrowed PPP money were hypocrites for criticizing the Biden bailout. My colleague Sister Toldjah clarified that the PPP program was approved by Congress. Because of the actions of the government, which interfered with people’s ability to work, it was open to everyone. The goal was not to make Americans pay the debt that others had voluntarily incurred.

But Stan Van Gundy (former professional basketball coach, and NBA analyst at the TNT network), took the analogy to Joe Biden and Jesus with the miracles of the loaves, and fishes.

Republican logic.

— Stan Van Gundy (@realStanVG) August 27, 2022

Van Gundy called it “Republican logic”, and it contained a caption saying, “Jesus’s miracle of loaves and fishes was an insult to everyone who brought their lunch .”

That didn’t end in the best of ways. Conservatives and other people went to Van Gundy to explain how this analogy was not even close to reality.

Let us start by saying that the comparison of Joe Biden’s confused, illegal act to buy votes with a miraculous Jesus feeding people is more than just an insult. Joe Biden and the government are not Jesus.

Jesus did a miracle by creating loaves and fishes. To make others’ debts pay, he didn’t steal money from the taxpayers. He did not tell those who brought lunch that they would have to pay for everyone’s meals. He did not distribute loaves or fishes only to some of those who were there. He did not distribute food to vote for him.

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Unlike Jesus Christ, government cannot perform miracles and make things appear out of thin air. The debt doesn’t disappear. Everything costs, and we have to all pay the Biden bailout to purchase votes at the midterms.

Maybe I’m wrong, but Jesus didn’t say with his actions that all of us had to make payments for the degrees of other gender-studies students.

It is hilarious that people on the Left try to make Jesus as their own. The left attacks any mention of Jesus/God, as if they are pushing for a Christian theocracy.

It may surprise you to learn that they are both ignorant and complicit in the problem.

— Joe Cunningham (@JoePCunningham) August 27, 2022

The government isn’t Jesus, and loaves and fishes were not confiscated from men down the coast. Distribution was not restricted to just a few.

Great analogy.

— Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) August 27, 2022

The fish appeared from thin air. But the money wasn’t there ..

— Mike The Mad Scientist ™ (@MadMikeOfficial) August 27, 2022

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