Larry Hogan advises GOP to not ‘blow it’ by nominating unelected people

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan warned Republicans to avoid nominating Trump-backed far-right candidates that could compromise the party’s chance of winning a red wave in November.

The GOP governor’s hand-picked successor Kelly Schulz lost her primary election to a Trump-backed contender, fueling concerns about whether similar candidates could hamper Republicans’ chances of winning races in other parts of the country.

“It’s really sad and what I have been talking about for the past two years is that this year should be a huge one for Republicans because of the failures and ratings of the Democrats.” Mr. Hogan stated on CBS’ Face the Nation that Republicans could make it a disaster by nominating unelected people. That’s why the wave will be less of a tsunami and more like a wave

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, has voiced similar concerns that unconventional GOP candidates in competitive states like Ohio, Georgia and Pennsylvania could cost the party a chance to retake control of the 50-50 split chamber.

The CBS News Battleground Tracker estimates that Republicans will hold 226 more seats than it previously predicted. The chamber is controlled by the party that has at least 218 members.

In an evenly divided Senate, there are slimmest chances that Republicans will regain control.

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” This is what’s happening all across the country,” said Mr. Hogan. It’s the reason Mitch McConnell says that it may be difficult for us to win the Senate. We were hoping to win seats in the governor’s race, but now it’s not. This is why the House margin is so small

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