We must save American children from the Mengele Experiments of Our Generation

Modern medical professionals surgically remove children’s genitals, and prescribe pharmaceutical drugs that cause distorted anatomy.

GermanSS officer Josef Mengele was known as “the Angel Of Death”. performed horrendous medical experiments on Auschwitz children, including some that resulted in their death or mutilation. Children with gender dysphoria are frequently left with long-term medical problems and fear after undergoing gender-affirming surgery.

Videos taken from the Boston Children’s Hospital YouTube channel, which had been publicly available for months, showed doctors attesting that the hospital is seeing patients as young as “two and three” for gender dysphoria.

Some treatments for gender confusion allow children to present, dress and play as their other gender while others require irreversible measures like administering cross-sex hormonal therapy or sex alter surgery. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends physicians accept a child’s preferred gender rather than their biological sex. This is commonly referred to as “gender-affirming care.” (RELATED: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill To Make ‘Gender Affirming Care’ On Minors A Felony)

“The best way to approach gender with patients is to inquire directly and nonjudgmentally about their experience and feelings before applying any labels,” the APA stated. The statement stated that there is limited evidence to suggest that young people who identify as transgender have fewer mental health problems when they use an integrated affirmative approach.

Boston Children’s Hospital, and other gender centers like Southern California’s Kaiser Permanente, follow the Standards of Care (SOC) detailed in guidance from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

WPATH, a non-profit group for transgender professionals, recommends treatments for those who identify themselves as transgender. Its latest SOC, SOC version 8, has not been released but is expected to lower the minimum age to 17 for recommending sex change surgeries, including hysterectomies, reported the AP. Dianne Berg (co-director) of the National Center for Gender Spectrum Health raised concern that the “gender affirming care” does not take into account the important work required to assess whether a child is suffering from gender dysphoria.

” I don’t wish to be a gatekeeper. But I also worry that in opening the gates, we’re going to have more adolescents that don’t engage in the reflective work needed in order to make sound decisions, and there might end up being more people when they are older that are like, ‘Oh, hmm–now I am not sure about this,'” Berg told The Atlantic.

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” “Under the motivation of being supportive, to be affirming, and to not be stigmatizing,” Berg said to The Atlantic. (RELATED: Former Trans Woman Praises Laws Banning Sex Change Surgeries, Puberty Blockers For Minors)

It’s not ‘top surgery.’

It’s a radical elective double mastectomy performed on healthy girls who have been sucked into a cult by groomer schools and online influencers. pic.twitter.com/q4JKyrVUS2

— Billboard Chris (@BillboardChris) May 17, 2022

Boston Children’s Hospital performed over 200 “gender affirmation” surgeries between 2017 and 2020, which included chest surgeries on patients as young as 15 and at least one vaginoplasty.

The Center for Gender Surgery director at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Oren Ganor said that vaginoplasty is a procedure to transform a male penis to a neovagina. This was according to previously posted videos on the hospital’s YouTube channel.

“We use the scrotal and penial skin in order to reconstruct the vagina,” said Ganor, according to a recording of one of Boston Children’s Hospital’s YouTube videos. “We use some of the tissue to reconstruct things the way they were supposed to be for that patient.”

Puberty blockers stop penile growth, so there may not be enough tissue.

In this instance, part of the stomach or colon is removed and used to form the neovagina.

. This can lead to serious complications. pic.twitter.com/C6RBhPWBIf

— Billboard Chris (@BillboardChris) August 16, 2022

A web archive of the hospital’s website showed that until Aug. 12 the Center for Gender Surgery eligibility requirements for the surgery lists the minimum age at 17.

“To qualify for gender affirmation at Boston Children’s Hospital, you must be at least 18 years old for phalloplasty or metoidioplasty and at least 17 years old for vaginoplasty,” the web archive stated.

After the recordings of Boston Children’s Hospital’s YouTube videos promoting gender-affirming care for minors went viral the hospital appears to have removed the reference that a 17-year-old could receive a vaginoplasty. The website now states that patients must be 18 years of age to qualify.

I do not want to tweet this, but it’s what testosterone does. pic.twitter.com/hoxfAHhXUA

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Dr. Jay Richards, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center, told the Daily Caller News Foundation in August that the number of gender affirmation surgeries happening at places like Boston Children’s Hospital doesn’t accurately show the scope of how gender ideology is affecting children. It is important to know that the ‘treatment” involves several interventions. These include a series starting with social transition and continuing through puberty blocking drugs, then cross-sex hormones, and finally surgery. Richards stated that Boston Children’s was able to see the benefits of this treatment.

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We know that almost all children with gender dysphoria have reconciled their bodies with their sexuality by the time they reach puberty.” he stated. The effect of “gender affirmation” and the early stages of social transition is that it puts children on an extremely fast path to sterilization and surgical intervention. Once done, such sterilization can’t be undone.”

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Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Norman Spack, a co-founder of Boston Children’s Hospital’s transgender treatment program Gender Multispeciality Service (formerly Gender Management Services Clinic), spoke to participants at a TED Talk in 2013 about preventing puberty through cross-sex hormones through a “12-16-18” program.

The numbers refer to the ages at which minors will move to the next stage of their transgender care, often with the ultimate goal of genital surgery, according to his lecture. (RELATED: Yes, Doctors Are Performing Sex Change Surgeries On Kids)

“In a program, they call 12-16-18, around age 12 is when they give the blocking hormones, and then at age 16, with retesting, they re-qualify to receive — now remember, the blocking hormones are reversible, but when you give the hormones of the opposite sex, you now start spouting breasts and facial hair and voice change, depending on what you’re using, and those effects are permanent or require surgery to remove, or electrolysis, and you can never really affect the voice. So this is serious, and this is 15-, 16-year-old stuff,” he stated.

Spack said that patients younger than twelve can’t be treated with cross-sex hormones because “they’ll end up stunted in growth” and cause infertility. He describes instead a procedure where the doctor recommends that the child be given puberty blocking drugs to buy time.

Do you know, @DARollins, that all of the boys who start on puberty blockers at Tanner Stage 2 will never have any sexual function?

The President-Elect for WPATH has admitted to this. This is what you should hear. pic.twitter.com/jauzTovSKn

— Billboard Chris (@BillboardChris) August 20, 2022

Lupron, a commonly prescribed puberty blocker for girls who identify as boys, works by suppressing estrogen production in pre-pubescent females. An Oklahoma woman, Sharissa Derricott, told PBS in 2017 that she suffered daily from the long-term effects of being prescribed Lupron as a young girl.

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” “It feels like I am being punished for being basically experimented upon when I was young,” she stated. She said, “I would hate for a child be put on Lupron and get to my age and experience the same things that I went through .”

.” Dr. Erica Anderson, a former WPATH board member and psychologist explained to Quillette in January that her decision to resign from the U.S. Professional Association for Transgender Health in

Former WPATH board member, psychologist Dr. Erica Anderson told Quillette in January the decision to resign from the U.S. Professional Association for Transgender Health in 2021 came when Anderson “could no longer continue in good conscience to support the direction of the USPATH.”

“I’m worried that gender minority identities have become a bit trendy, and that with the weird circumstances of the last two years of the pandemic, adolescents who are notoriously susceptible to peer influence have found it necessary to have their communication and their social relationships online. Anderson is a biological man who also identifies with a female. He said that they have received more information and social support and are now dependent on this.

“I will tell you, having had many, many hundreds of interviews with kids and families, I don’t give a 13- or 14-year-old carte blanche just because they say magic words,” Anderson continued. Anderson continued, “To simply say that trans kids are trans and to treat them accordingly and provide gender-affirming medical assistance? No.”

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