The Societal Failure of Uvalde

The Societal Failure of Uvalde


The preventable school shootings were more due to the collapse of American institutions that any single cause.

People visit a memorial dedicated to the victims of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on June 2, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The tragic events that took place in Uvalde (Texas) cannot be and will not fit into any convenient political narrative. Although law enforcement incompetence was an important factor, it wasn’t the main issue. The events were not about young, often angry, confused and rudderless men. The event was not about locked doors and absent or unobservant parents.

The Uvalde shooting is a result of our society’s breakdown of its most fundamental institutions. This was the outcome of the long left’s march to undermine the most free, prosperous and generous country in history. This is about the fracture of the family and the fall of communities, as well as the loss of trust in the police.

Although the House Report “The Investigative Commission on Robb Elementary Shooting” ignores some of these, it is still quite damning. It tries to soften its conclusions.

“Aside from the attacker, there were no ‘villains” in its investigation. The report states. “We cannot attribute malice and ill motives to anyone. We found systemic failures, egregious poor decisions .”


The committee didn’t look far enough. Let’s start with the family failure.

According to reports, the attacker was the son of a drug-addicted mother and a boyfriend who fled almost instantly. He lived with his grandmother. He lived with his grandmother, but it wasn’t easy. He was not “raised by” anyone; it was up to him.

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” The attacker started to show interest in gore, violent sex and even sharing graphic videos of beheadings and suicides online. He also sent explicit messages to other people.

The shooter was a chronic absentee from school, which is a risk in all senses of the word. Yet, no one appears to have sought treatment for his bullying or learning disabilities.

This happens because of the breakdown of families and community. Here is everything we know about the effects of fatherless families on children and how weary grandmothers can raise lost generations. Our young men are set up to fail, and we then look on, dismay, as they succeed.

The Uvalde report could be an epilogue to Robert D. Putnam’s Bowling Alone. America was more successful when its communities thrived, and less troubled teenagers fell through the cracks. The safety net provided by government programs cannot replace strong relationships between teachers and parents.

Parenting was usually done by the closest adult (and often, punishments were re-applied after Mom discovered). Children with scraped knees sought out the closest grown-up. People paid close attention when the young man began to wander off course. This was not the case. Despite every warning, nobody intervened.

Finally, the inept response of Uvalde’s law enforcement officers was shocking. It was unacceptable. It was also predictable.

” Despite apparent deficiencies in command-and-control at the scene that should have been recognised by other law enforcement personnel, no one approached Chief Arredondo nor any officers surrounding him or subordinates to him to affirmatively assist with incident command,” states the report.

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Perhaps this is because we’ve undermined and sowed distrust in our law enforcement officials. Retirements and suicides have increased in recent years. Can we really expect police to serve as protectors and trusted servants if we do not treat them like that?

The Psalmist asks, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The answer for us, at least, must be to rebuild.

We must return the traditional family to its proper place as the foundation of society. It means giving parents the tools to make best decisions for their kids on all matters, from education to vaccines. Tax disincentives should be removed to allow them to marry. This also means acknowledging that dads are important. Because strong and independent families are what make this country great, we must encourage work instead of welfare.

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We must build community. This requires more than just bumper stickers and social media. This means meeting your neighbours, going to church and getting involved with your children’s schools. We must not allow the left to divide us by our immutable traits. Instead, we need to build relationships that are based on what truly matters.

We must rebuild a civil society which promotes and produces the confidence necessary to trust the police with public safety. Police officers must know that we will have their backs as long as we have ours.

Institutional Failure is what caused the Uvalde tragedy. There is no single solution to the Uvalde tragedy. Gun control, red flag laws and more DEI officers at schools will not suffice. The problem must be addressed, not just the symptoms. This means that we must restore the institutions that have made America our last and best chance–for everyone.

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