Joe Biden Shakes the Constitution and Says You Can’t Spend Money on Abortions

With the repeal of Roe has came one of the most bizarre leftwing events in American history. Fearmongers love to make giddy statements about women who can’t get rid of ectopic pregnancy. The reality is a completely different story. Not a single state has outlawed abortions to protect the life or end an unviable pregnancy.

Despite the fact that Democrats’ electoral prospects are in jeopardy heading into November’s midterms, it is vital they continue pushing this issue. The President Joe Biden signed Wednesday’s executive order that allowed Medicaid to be used for support of those who are seeking abortions outside their state. This was in response to places banning the practice from elective purposes.

Biden signed the order shortly after celebrating the defeat of the Kansas Amendment that allowed for stricter abortion restrictions.

JUST IN: Pres.

JUST IN: Pres.

— ABC News (@ABC) August 3, 2022

According to CNN, Biden made this egregiously false claim to support the move.

“Emergency medical care being denied to women experiencing miscarriages, doctors uncertain about what they can do to provide for their patients, pharmacists unsure whether they can fill prescriptions that they’ve always filled before, a tragic case of rape survivors, including a 10-year-old girl forced to travel to another state for care,” Biden said before signing the order.

There is no state law that prohibits women who have miscarriaged from receiving emergency medical attention. What reason would that be? Miscarriage doesn’t count as an abortion. Any uncertainty doctors may create is a result of partisanship or dishonest activists. There is no national law that prohibits doctors from giving emergency care to women suffering complications during pregnancy.

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I’m also unable find any reason why a pharmacy wouldn’t be able to fill the prescriptions that they have always filled. Plan B is the most likely Biden’s concern. It is considered contraceptive, and is not affected by any state abortion laws. Lastly, his assertion about the 10-year-old girl is also false. Although the girl is real, there was no Ohio law that prohibited her from receiving the treatment she required within Ohio.

This executive order was built upon a mountainof lies and mischaracterizations that are meant to create fear in women and cause them to not seek legal and accessible care. Furthermore, and equally important, the actions of Biden are completely unconstitutional.

Wednesday’s order also directs HHS to consider actions guaranteeing women traveling across state lines seeking abortions have access to health care services, including through Medicaid. Last month, a bill guaranteeing women the right to travel across state lines to seek abortions failed to pass the Senate after Republicans blocked the measure.

According to a senior administration official, that would allow states to provide care for out-of-state patients seeking abortions through a Medicaid 1115 waiver, permitting states to waive certain state-based requirements in providing care and assist in covering “certain costs.”

The Hyde Amendment, which is still currently in effect because no budget lacking it has been passed, expressly prohibits the use of Medicaid funds to provide for abortion services. Biden is trying to end the situation by vaguely permitting assistance for “certain costs”, including travel expenses. But taxpayer funds are still used to support abortion.

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Democrats want to break one of America’s most basic bargains. Because abortion can be considered the murder of a baby, the Hyde Amendment prohibits people like me from participating in it. Despite being a very superficial bargain, the agreement allowed some separation. How does it work when Americans are forced to cover the costs of abortions? You create dangerous divisions within a country already in trouble.

This’s playing with fire and must be stopped. This EO will be challenged in court. If a Republican is elected to the White House again, it should immediately be repealed. Americans should not be forced to accept the cost of abortions. Period.

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