Four police officers are charged by the federal government in fatal Breonna Taylor Raid

LOUISVILLE (Ky.) – Four Louisville officers were charged with civil rights violations by the U.S. Justice Department in connection to the fatal Breonna Taylor raid.

Federal allegations against Joshua Jaynes and Brett Hankison, former officers, Kelly Goodlett, together with Sgt. U.S. attorney general Merrick Garland announced the charges against Kyle Meany on Thursday.

Garland stated that federal officials share, but can’t fully comprehend the grief felt by Taylor and his family.

“Breonna should still be around today,” he stated.

Taylor, a 26-year-old Black medical worker, was shot to death by Louisville officers who had knocked down her door while executing the search warrant. Taylor was shot by her boyfriend, who fired the gun that struck one of the officers when they entered the house. They returned fire multiple times on Taylor.

Hankison was fired from the department in 2020,. He was among the officers who knocked on Taylor’s doors and was also one of the three shooters that night. A jury in Louisville acquitted him of the state charge of wanton endangerment.

Jaynes applied for Taylor’s warrant. Former Louisville Police interim chief Yvettegentry fired him in January 2021 for not following department guidelines in execution of a search warrant and being untruthful in the Taylor warrant.

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