Google and Facebook warn employees that they now have to actually work

The CEOs of Alphabet (also known as Google Family of Online Services) and Meta (better known as the Facebook Family of Same), have warned their huge employee lists that declining profits will cause the companies to take a close look at their entire staff, in order to determine if everyone is pulling their weight. From FOX Business

Following a disappointing fiscal quarter, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai both told staffers they have productivity concerns and are “turning up the heat” on managing staff performance.

According to Reuters audio, Zuckerberg told employees last week that he hopes to increase expectations and set more ambitious goals.

“Just a bit of heat,” Zuckerberg was quoted saying. “I think some of you might decide that this place isn’t for you, and that self-selection is OK with me.”

Translation : Although I am too lazy to fire people I will make your job here miserable and you won’t be paid unemployment.

Meanwhile, Pichai issued similar concerns. CNBC first reported that Pichai told employees last week that “real concerns” exist about productivity.

Google’s revenue growth during the past quarter decelerated to its slowest pace in two years as advertisers reined in their spending amid intensifying fears of an economic recession. Second quarter revenue rose 13% this year compared to 62% in last year’s comparable quarter.

But remember that we are not in recession.

While rising gas prices could lead to people spending more time on the internet and avoiding driving, as noted, inflation has pushed the economy off of a cliff. Even the biggest companies are not immune to inflation. Market Realist Notes :

In march, Google fired several employees who were in the cloud support field. Some people find the timing of the Google acquisition Mandiant’s $5.4 billion interesting. The cutbacks affected engineers from Austin, Zurich and Sydney. Although it is not clear whether Google will be going through another round of layoffs, signs suggest that one is on the horizon.

For its part, Meta implemented a hiring freeze this past May. Talk is hot and heavy within company walls that as much as 10% of the current staff could be laid off. As noted, they could also be laid off.

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It is forever lamentable that George Santayana’s truism (“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”) bears the stain of having been posted above the madman Jim Jones’ “throne” in Jonestown from which he launched his satanic reign of murder and coerced mass suicide. While Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto has been abandoned in favour of leftist hardcore censorship and Facebook is doing the exact same, they have both forgotten that online entities or services have notoriously short shelf life.

America Online used to be a popular online institution with many communities. Now it’s a rarely-visited site. Cyberspace doesn’t know loyalty but does have an understanding of economic realities. Google and Facebook’s warning shots fired over their own employee’s heads might be enough to alert even the mollycoddled young that when God told Adam,

“By the sweat of your brow
will you have food to eat
until you return to the ground
From which you came.
For you were made from dust,
and to dust you will return.”

He added them to the warning.

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