Monkeypox Mania! California declares a state of emergency

As if there wasn’t enough with the media hype about inflation, COVID and crime, you now have monkeypox to keep your eyes open. The disease is most common in males who have had sex with others, but federal and state governments are trying to make you afraid really scared.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is, of course, shrieking while he raises the alarm. gov’s website Monday evening:

To support the state’s efforts to combat the outbreak of monkeypox, Governor Gavin Newsom declared today a State of Emergency. This proclamation is in support of the California Department of Public Health’s ongoing efforts to coordinate an all-government response to the monkeypox outbreak, to seek more vaccines, and to lead education and outreach on vaccines.

Please note that California remains under two-plus years of State of Emergency due to COVID. It’s very likely that California will remain under an emergency situation for some reason for all eternity. Continued the announcement:

We will continue working with the federal government in order to obtain more vaccines and raise awareness regarding reducing risks. We’ll also stand by the LGBTQ community against stigmatization.

I have zero interest in stigmatizing homosexual men and anyone in the LGBTQ community. (Though, I am pretty certain that there isn’t monkeypox in many lesbians). However, I have a problem with the fact that those in power are feigning to be telling the truth just so they can protect the untouchables. COVID is a similar story. For almost three years, they’ve been trying to convince us that all are equally at risk. But it’s just not true.

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While they have portrayed children as dangerous threats to grandparents and teachers throughout the outbreak, the fact is that while the flu was not a threat to them, it did pose a risk to the elderly and obese. Last month, actor Jon Croyer referred to children as “unchecked vectors of a deadly infectious disease .”



Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a Monkeypox Emergency. In the next column, I will feature the name of the first union leader or public official to suggest closing schools. Everyone, good luck!

— Susan Shelley (@Susan_Shelley) August 2, 2022

A dad friend of mine told me the other night that his 21-year-old, heterosexual, monogamous daughter came to him looking pale and quite scared. “Dad,” I asked. He said that his 12-year-old, heterosexual, monogamous daughter came to him looking pale and scared. Our once trusted healthcare institutions now seem to be obsessed with selling fear.

NPR reports that “the first California case of the current outbreak of monkeypox was confirmed May 25. The total count in the state is now 825, compared to 5,811 cases nationwide.” EMERGENCY!

The Washington Post describes how you might get it:

The pathogen can enter the body via broken skin, respiratory tract, or mucous membranes. These include the eye, nose, mouth and rectum. The risk of infection may be increased by being in close proximity to many people, particularly if they are not wearing enough clothing.

So, why do they try to scare the whole population while only a few people engage in risky behaviors? Why is it that authorities encourage these behavior instead of reporting accurately on their risks? The school locked the kids away for over a year. But, San Francisco’s geniuses think that it is too difficult to delay what will be an intensely sexual festival:

Dore, like monkeypox, is now available. These are ways to lower your chances of getting bitten and enjoy San Francisco’s kink-and-fetish festivals. #upyouralley #dorealley #monkeypox #mpx

— San Francisco AIDS Foundation (@SFAIDSFound) July 27, 2022

The Post also describes who is most at risk.

Although anyone can get monkeypox, most cases occur in men. In endemic areas of Africa, it was thought that was related to hunting practices, whereas in the current outbreak, most individuals are men aged 21 to 40 years who have sex with men, people with multiple sexual partners, or people who practice condom-less sex. In such cases, the main mode of transmission is skin-to-skin contact through sex.

Are small children at risk? Seems unlikely. The NY Times was quick to shame those who don’t spend their days freaking out over monkeypox:

If monkeypox becomes an epidemic virus in the United States, and joins the circulating list of pathogens it causes, this will cause a major public health crisis. This is not just because it’s dangerous and painful but because it could have been avoided.

Sorry but this sounds a little too histrionic. A virus that is mostly harmless and circulating in a very small number of people could be the “worst public health disasters of modern times .”

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Monkeypox can be deadly and is very real. I think all precautions (not putting a Band-Aid over an open sore) should be taken by whoever is actually at risk, and vaccines and other measures should be used as necessary. However, the attempt to terrorize everyone in a COVID-weary population is terribly misplaced. As a public health director and governor of blue states, I strongly believe in protecting vulnerable people. This is also what should have done for the New York nursing home residents in Michigan and New York in the initial days of the pandemic.

Stop trying to scare everyone. Most people are not at high risk.

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