Liz Cheney pulls off another desperate gamble with the help of a Hollywood Liberal

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-WY is having trouble in Wyoming Polls have placed her as much as 30 points behind her Trump-endorsed primary opponent, Harriet Hageman.
Cheney’s support for the Democrats and the Jan.6 Committee has caused her to be very dispopular. You can also add to this the fact she ignored Republican town halls and events, and has not listened to what Republicans might have in mind.

I reported on how CNN could not get around Wyoming being turned off by Liz Cheney. The team went to Frontier Days to search for support, but they couldn’t find two. The Wyoming folks were open and honest and broadcast a funny video about Cheney’s comments. They just allowed her to have the footage because she was supporting Donald Trump in his witch hunt and selling Wyoming.

Cheney now wants to find a way to convince people to vote for him. Even appealing to Democrats, Cheney has asked them to help win her primary.

She thinks her tweet may be a hint that she might have some insight. She doesn’t know that this is yet another reason she has lost touch with Wyoming. The picture she posted was of Kevin Costner (Yellowstone) in a shirt with the words “I’m For Liz Cheney”, and her caption: “Real men put Country over party .”

Real men place country before party.

— Liz Cheney (@Liz_Cheney) August 1, 2022

How does she believe that getting the endorsement from a Hollywood liberal is beneficial to her? This is exactly the kind of thinking Wyoming people reject. Costner voted for Barack Obama, even said he was interested in Michelle Obama running, and voted for Joe Biden. How is Costner “putting country before party?” Cheney was right to support him, and he’s the same with them. Wyomingans don’t care about what Costner thinks of Cheney. At this moment, she’s in dire need of help.

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But Costner is a sample of the people who support Cheney — most of her donations are from people from out of state, not Wyoming. Hageman is supported by most state donors. This tells you the story: people from outside the state may give money but cannot vote in your state. Costner has a home in Aspen, Colorado.

Cheney’s tweet also implies that Cheney has insulted Wyoming men who aren’t supporting her. This is a remark she made when they said they weren’t “real men”. That’s just how sanctimonious Cheney is. It’s not a great look to attempt to offend people who want to vote. That’s Liz Cheney.

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