Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a monkeypox emergency in California

SACRAMENTO (Calif.) – California’s governor declared an emergency Monday to expedite efforts to eradicate the monkeypox epidemic. It is the second time in as many days that the state has taken this step.

Gov. Gavin Newsom stated that the declaration would help coordinate a state-wide response and seek out more vaccines. He also said outreach efforts to educate people about where they can receive treatment will be aided by the announcement.

“We will continue to work alongside the federal government in order to secure more vaccines and raise awareness about the risk reduction, as well as stand with the LGBTQ community against stigmatization,” Newsom stated in a statement that was released to announce his declaration.

The move was made after similar declarations in New York on Saturday and San Francisco on Thursday. However, Newsom’s administration said Friday that such a declaration was premature.

After urging Newsom to do so, Democratic state Senator Scott Wiener from San Francisco applauded the governor’s decision.

” The monkeypox epidemic is an emergency and we must use all the tools we have to manage it,” Wiener stated.

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