Big Tech requests Supreme Court to preserve affirmative action

Monday, the Supreme Court was asked by big tech firms led by Apple or Google to keep affirmative action in place. They said they seek diversity of racial backgrounds when hiring workers.

They were one of roughly 70 businesses in technology, finance and healthcare that claimed a claim during the next term in one the most watched cases at the high court.

The legal disputes concern Harvard University and University of North Carolina. They are arguing about whether or not they discriminate against Asian American applicants, in violation of Article 2 of the Constitution. Affirmative action has been requested by the justices.

” Diverse workforces increase […] company performance and strengthen America’s and the global economies. The 47-page briefly explains that companies are looking for employees with diverse experiences from universities.

Other major companies who signed on to the brief were American Airlines, American Express and Dell Technologies.

They argued that schools should have the ability to admit students on the basis of race in order to foster diversity. This is because they are relying on people’s diverse educations when choosing workers.

“It is now that some of America’s largest corporations have reiterated to the Court that it was in the best interests of students-body diversity at universities remains compelling.

Defenders of universities point out the 1978 case of Regents of University of California against Bakke. In that case, the High Court ruled that while racial admissions quotas are illegal, consideration of race in an admissions decision is legal.

The Supreme Court decided Grutter and Bollinger in 2003, as well as Fisher and University of Texas at Austin 2016, to confirm that affirmative actions policies are not in violation of the Constitution.

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Students for Fair Admissions claimed that the inclusion of race in the application evaluation discriminates against Asian Americans, who they claim would have been accepted into top colleges under a test-score-driven, race-blind system.

“Harvard is abject in its treatment of Asian-American applicants. Harvard punishes them for their lack of leadership, confidence, and being less friendly and kind, Harvard admissions office stated in a court filing.

The case will be heard during the court’s next term which starts in October. However, a date has yet to be set for oral argument.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson stated during her confirmation hearing she intended to withdraw from the case, as she was a member of Harvard’s Board of Overseers.

Originally, the court was going to hear this legal case alongside an affirmative action dispute concerning the University of North Carolina. However, in a recent decision, the justices decided to separate them, so that Justice Jackson can weigh in on UNC disputes.

The cases are Students for Fair Admissions and President and Fellows of Harvard College, and Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. against the University of North Carolina.

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