Reversal: Arizona GOP House Leader says he won’t vote again for Trump

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers stated Sunday that he won’t support Donald Trump as president. This is a change from the previous position that Rusty Bowers had taken, which was that he would back Trump in a matchup against Vice President Joe Biden.

” I will not vote for him but it’s my right to. He is not the right person to vote for, but I won’t have to.

Mr. Bowers unleashed a series of harsh words at Mr. Trump. He called him a “demagogue”, who has remained in power within the GOP by using “thuggery .”


” I have often thought that someone who was born and raised this way is not aware of the hardships people go through. He doesn’t know .”

what courage means.

He suggested that he might support Donald Trump as recently as last month. But that was just before Mr. Bowers gave evidence before the House Jan. 6, Committee on Mr. Trump’s attempts to reverse the 2020 electoral results in Arizona.

Mr. Trump called him a coward in his primetime testimony that was televised on NBC. Other Republicans called him a traitor, according to Mr. Bowers.

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Trump has yet to officially announce a 2024 candidacy. Trump is believed to have delayed his announcement until after the November midterms. This move was requested by Republicans on Capitol Hill to ensure that they don’t lose control of Congress.

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