Republicans leading the race to control House: CBS News Poll

A battleground election tracker released by CBS News Sunday revealed that Republicans would retain control of the House if they held the November midterm elections today.

The survey, which is based on tens of thousands of voters from all 435 congressional districts across the country, suggests Republicans would hold 230 seats compared to Democrats’ 205. The chamber is controlled by 218 party.

Democrats currently control 220 compared to Republicans’ 211. There are currently four vacant positions.

The grim outlook for Democrats mirrors past midterm elections, in which President Barack Obama’s party lost seats.

Support for President Biden has continued to dwindle in the face of 40-year-high inflation and most voters saying they have major concerns about the economy. America’s economy has been in recession for two quarters consecutively, according to unofficial indicators.

The positive outlook for Republicans comes after a series of polls that show the overwhelming majority of Americans, including most Democrats, don’t want Mr. Biden running for reelection.

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