Pelosi is directing US foreign policy, whether Biden likes it or not.

Quick Spoiler: She’s certain as hell to try her darndest if she isn’t.

As tensions continue to mount over communist China’s alleged threat to shoot down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane if she follows through on a planned trip to the Republic of China — Taiwan — this week, as part of a greater trip to Southeast Asia, the Biden White House continues not only to dish up pathetic responses to the ChiCom threat; Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton claimed that the leak last Tuesday about Pelosi’s planned Taiwan trip came “straight from the White House.”

Democrat-on-Democrat back-stabbing intrigue. It is hard not to love.

The question now is: Will Pelosi travel to Taiwan as originally planned? Or, will Sino Joe continue to submit to Beijing’s demands and threatens and cancel the trip? Another intriguing question is: Will Joe “China’s gonna eat your lunch, man” Biden say no to Pelosi and Sino Joe go?

Some speculate that the Asia trip was canceled because it didn’t contain a stop at Taiwan in the itinerary published by Pelosi’s Office. This is why I don’t agree with it.

I’d be surprised if the itinerary had as a stop even though the trip was not leaked.

As Politico reported on Thursday, when Chinese officials chased Nancy Pelosi out of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square 31 years ago, the incident launched a surprisingly fierce foreign policy approach in Pelosi that has pitted her against presidents of both parties and, at times, even aligned her with conservatives.

Here is some background via Politico:

The Speaker has a strong, progressive view on global affairs dating back to her time at the top of the House Intelligence Committee. This panel also controls the budget for the State Department. She voted against the 2002 Iraq war authorization, while her Senate counterpart Chuck Schumer supported it.

But she has also talked tough when it comes to what she sees as a defense of democratic ideals and human rights, pushing the Obama administration to strike Syria after its government used chemical weapons in 2013.

Pelosi’s independent hawkish streak is best expressed by the decades-long animus of China, which has come to dominate her career in public service. In an interview this week, Pelosi said she views her goals in U.S. foreign policy as threefold: security, economic interests, and “honoring our values.”

” If you can’t stand up to China for human rights because of your commercial interests,” Pelosi said recently, “you lose every moral authority to speak for it in any location .”

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Far be it from me to agree with anything that comes out of this stage-4 TDS-riddled woman’s mouth, but I find myself in uncharted waters, here, agreeing with every word she said above.

While Pelosi is yet to indicate whether or not she will bow to the Biden government’s resistance, she stressed the importance of strong U.S. support Taiwan and the increasing threat Taiwan faces from a complete invasion by the Communist mainland. She also referred back to Tiananmen Square all those years ago.

This trend has existed since Tiananmen Square. Look at what happened in Hong Kong when they promised one country and two systems. Taiwan was their problem. They would have something to offer if they could sell one system, each country.

Again, Madam Speaker, amen.

The bottom line is

Nancy Pelosi’s Trump Derangement Syndrome may be one thing. But if Joe Biden had a tenth as much tenacity or courage to fight for his beliefs and fight for hers beliefs, who are you kidding? Joe Biden holds zero beliefs.

Clueless Joe Biden just signs paper pieces that have been shoved in his face by left-wing puppeteers. He then reads the lines he’s told to (including instructions on screen and note cards with step-by-step bullet points)

Never mind.

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