Mena Suvari, Actress: Hollywood’s Sex Abuse Culture Helped me Nail my Role in “American Beauty”


Actress Mena Suvari said that being pulled into the sex abuse culture of Hollywood helped her nail her role in the 1999 film, American Beauty.

In an interview with The Guardian, Suvari explained how her abusive relationship with a lighting engineer she met in Hollywood helped her execute her role as Angela in American Beauty, because she “identified” with the character.

In the movie, Kevin Spacey develops an obsession for Suvari, his character who is Suvari’s daughter’s sexually precocious but insecure friend.

” I identified with Angela,” Suvari stated. “I was trained in that role and I understood how it worked. I didn’t feel able to do that in many other ways but I could play the card .”


The actress said that she was going home from the set where she felt loved and to her worst relationship where she was being abused .”

“It felt very dark at the time. [And] the film] was a relief, as I could go work and feel important,” she stated. She also said that her boyfriend called her and would tell her she was stupid.

The American Pie actor also stated that she started her career in entertainment by getting into modeling. She was told that what matters was how you look.

“Everyone was raving about how I looked 18. But I was 12,” she said of her first modeling shoot. She said that she was aware of the fact that she was an adult and could act as such .”


Suvari noticed that older men were attracted to her. She feels like he used her, when she looks back. The actress reclled once a man in his twenties photographed her nude, alone at his home, when she was just 15.

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The actress added that one of her business advisers — who was in his mid-30s — started having sex with her when she was 16.

” I didn’t hear anyone tell me that it was wrong, and that the person should not be doing this with me,” she stated.

Suvari also remembered a time after American Beauty was published, when her clothes were taken off for a photo shoot.

” I don’t understand what that goal is.” she stated. “Sell as much as possible of yourself as soon as you’re young ?”

Suvari’s story is one example of the many things it seems like to work in Hollywood, a left-wing industry which enjoys lecturing Americans on morality.

Keira Knightley, an actress, noted last year that all of her female friends had been subject to sexual harassment in one way or another. This includes threats and violence.

In 2017, three decades’ worth of sexual misconduct allegations against the now-disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein were brought to the light. Many in Hollywood seemed to know about Weinstein’s conduct, but did not speak out about it over the years.

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