CBS News Poll: Red Flag After Red Flag For Democrats

Is the Democrat Party in a rebound going into the November mid-term elections. The CBS News latest poll shows that the overwhelming majority of respondents say “no .”


Despite claims that Joe Biden “is back in the game” after the repeal of Roe V. Wade, this survey raises red flags for Democrats. The CBS News programs spent Sunday morning trying to make the survey spin by emphasizing the opposition of women to Republicans in abortion. However, the CBS News reports are slowed down by the lackluster enthusiasm.

CBS NEWS POL: A gender gap exists in enthusiasm. Women tend to be less enthusiastic about voting than their male counterparts.

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) July 31, 2022

CBS NEWS POL: Are younger voters and turnout a problem to Dems?
Younger voters are the most supportive of Democrats – and the LEAST LIKELY TO TURN OUT. Younger voters are less likely to vote than those older.

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) July 31, 2022

Democrats and their media allies believe that every election cycle they will turn out young voters to shift the elections. This plan fails every single time. It looks like that’ll happen again in November, with under-30 voters being, by far, the least enthusiastic demographic for the mid-terms.

The liberal wine-moms are passionate about abortion but are lacking enthusiasm. What does this lack of enthusiasm mean? This leads to a decrease in turnout. Democrats cannot afford this given the dramatic collapse of Hispanic voter support.

CBS POLL: Hispanic voters are more Democratic than in recent elections.

Hispanic voters trends
2018 midterms*: D 69%, R 29% (D+40)
2022 midterms: D 45%, R 42% (D+3)

*CNN exit poll link

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) July 31, 2022

You are correct. The GOP has closed a 40-point gap with Hispanic voters since 2018, bringing it to just three points in 2022, and there’s every reason to think things could continue to shift further before the votes are cast. Democrats have lost a significant demographic advantage to woke-ism and given it up for the sake of the next two elections. It was worth the effort to consolidate those gains among suburban white women.

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There’s worse news. The issue of January 6th is not being addressed by anyone except Democrats.

What about January 6th?

It’s big news with Democrats who already vote Democratic. 76% of them say it will be very important in their vote, on par with other issues. For Reps, just 15% call it very important.

— CBS News Poll (@CBSNewsPoll) July 31, 2022

If you are asking why 15 percent of Republicans think January 6th is important to their vote, it’s almost certainly because they disapprove of the select committee, and with only 45 percent of independents saying it’s a factor, the issue is just not a gamechanger for Democrats. Further polarization will be likely if the hearings are extended beyond November. This is the trap Democrats are in. Their obsession with issues that aren’t on the radar has led to them becoming a shambles.

According to CBS News, the GOP will win four percentage points. That’s an exact flip from what they found in 2018, where Democrats held a four-point advantage.


2018: Democrats +4
2022: Republicans+4

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) July 31, 2022

Democrats have nothing to bash on. Although college-educated, white women love them, that has been a part of the equation for quite some time. Many seats that had been thought to favor Democrats will be in danger due to the massive shift in Hispanic voting. Inflation and economic issues remain the most important concerns for voters and are unlikely to change anytime soon.

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