Tom Cotton Said Leak about Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip “Straight from the White House”

Tom Cotton Said Leak about Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip “Straight from the White House”

We reported that China threatened Taiwan and the U.S. during a phone conversation between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. He said the U.S. had been “playing with fire” in the call and that it would be “burnt” if Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, went to Taiwan. Biden’s response? They received a milquetoast response that did not blast them for their threat.

After showing weakness, a CCP media propagandist said that China would bomb Pelosi’s plane if she rode with a military escort. What was the White House’s response? The White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that she would not comment and said whether Pelosi was going to be there was “a hypothetical” but it was not a condemnation of the Chinese for their threats to the Speaker.

Pelosi is yet to reveal her official plans for Asia. She was originally supposed to travel to Taiwan in June but she came back with COVID.

When asked about her reported trip to Taiwan she said that she would not discuss it as it is a national security concern. She doesn’t know what Pentagon would think about her travel to Taiwan. She wants to help Taiwan

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) July 21, 2022

But Senator Tom Cotton (R.A.) said something which is quite deplorable in light of China’s threats. He stated that he understood that the White House had leaked Pelosi’s plans to travel Taiwan.

Tom Cotton: Lloyd Austin, Joe Biden should be making China worry about our aggressiveness |

— Dr. Nickarama (@nickaramaOG) July 30, 2022

“Well the word I’ve heard in Congress is that the leak of Nancy Pelosi’s trip came straight from the White House, the pressure came from Joe Biden who doesn’t want her to take this trip because he’s once again kowtowing to Beijing,” Cotton explained to Laura Ingraham on Fox News Channel. He noted that Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin shouldn’t worry about China’s aggression, but they should make China think about their aggressiveness. Cotton suggested that American legislators have traveled to Taiwan for decades — from both sides — and should continue this trend, particularly after the information became public.

Cotton added that he saw Speaker Pelosi earlier in the week and “told her it was absolutely essential that she go forward with this trip, no matter what Joe Biden says.”

Cotton stated that China could not threaten the United States by sending a congressman to Taiwan.

” We cannot retreat from these Chinese threats,” Cotton stated. Cotton also warned that if Biden prevents Nancy Pelosi and any other members of Congress from travelling to Taiwan, “it will create major foreign policy crises — imagine what this will send to the Chinese Communists, if they believe they can threaten us into not traveling to Taiwan.” “It might in fact incite them and tempt them to go for the jugular in Taiwan.”

Add this to the White House’s inept response to threats against Pelosi and you have to wonder if Biden has been compromised. Biden may be leaking information to stop her leaving, to avoid angering China. This is why we’re in serious trouble. Hunter’s international connections are why Hunter is under investigation. China will threaten Speaker of the House to stop her going. They’ll think that they have the power to invade Taiwan and walk right over us. This is where Biden leads us. His weakness might have led Russia to believe that they can invade Ukraine.

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